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Relieves bloating and its fresh aroma helps in relaxation of body and mind.


Anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties soothes stomach lining, relieves heartburn and restores gastric balance.

Licorice Root
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About Products

About Products

TE-A-ME’s Peppermint Infusion combines the licorice roots and the brisk, refreshing characteristics from peppermint leaves into a surprisingly soothing blend. Our refreshing peppermint infusion cleanses the palate, whilst the warmth & the sweetish aftertaste is sure to make you smile. Peppermint is believed to better your sleep and the licorice it contains is thought to be a natural decongestant, explaining why herbal infusions like easy to infuse peppermint tea bags are so soothing when you are down with a cold or flu. Due to its relaxing property, best time to consume peppermint tea is before bed.

Licorice roots are known to be used as dietary supplements, with anti inflammatory properties, believed to help relieve symptoms of infections. Its presence in our peppermint tea bags may enhance peppermint tea health benefits. Peppermint infusion is caffeine free, which further makes relevant the popular consumption of peppermint tea before bed, especially for those suffering mild insomnia and restlessness. Find your finest peppermint tea online and experience pure joy in finest aroma.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits
  1. In addition to the aesthetics this infusion brings to your taste palette, the freshness of Peppermint may help you relax and bring myriads of health benefits. It has no added aromas, no added flavors, and no essences - just pure natural infusion.
  2. Caffeine free fruit infusions can rejuvenate and freshen you without giving you the caffeine jitters.
  3. The peppermint tea health benefits include possibilities to relieve stress, may be extremely useful in digestion, aid a restful sleep, increase mental focus and may relieve sinus symptoms.
  4. Peppermint tea is known to provide some relief to burning sensations related to gastric acids. Its soothing properties might make it a perfect post-dinner light beverage that you and your family can enjoy.
  5. Topical application of peppermint tea benefits skin as well. Double up the used tea bags as cooling pads by putting them in the refrigerator and use them on inflamed or darker areas of your skin.


  • Place bag in a cup
  • Pour water that is heated up to 100 °C or with Ice
  • Steep for 1-3 minutes for mild brew and 3-5 minutes for strong brew
  • Best served hot or chilled without milk
  • Sweeten with sugar or honey if preferred






Each sip of this minty delight will leave you feeling fresh and recharged for the day. Consuming peppermint infusion is a natural way to reduce stress at any time. Let go of all worries as you feel nature's magical power of relaxation flow through you! There is barely any side effect of peppermint infusion, so you can drink it any time you want to. So load your stocks!

Ingredient Details

Ingredient Details
  • Peppermint Leaves (90%)
  • Licorice Root (10%)

Technical Information

Technical Information and Nutritional Information

Manufacturer/packer address

Marketed & Manufactured by: Madhu Jayanti International Ltd. 29 Munshigaunge Road, Kolkata 700023.

Generic name of commodity : Infusion Bags

Consumer Grievances : 1800 300 22151 or

Brand : TE-A-ME

Net Quantity : 25 Infusion Bags

Net Weight : 1.6 g x 25 Infusion Bags = 40 g

Item Package Quantity : 1 Pack containing 25 Enveloped infusion Bags

Ingredient Type : Vegetarian

Form : Enveloped Infusion Bags  Staple Free

Certifications : FSSAI

Storage Instructions : Store in Cool, Dry, Hygienic, Airtight container after opening.

Best Before / Expiry : 24 months from Packaging

Barcode / GTIN / QR : (Please Refer Image for more details)

Origin : INDIA

Nutritional Information

Energy (kcal) : 77.75

Protein (g) : 15.21

Carbohydrate (g) : 2.97

Fat(All types)(g) : 0.41

Cholesterol (g) : 0.00

Vitamins C (mg) : 39.03

FSSAI Number : 10012031000066


4 Relaxing Drinks with Peppermint Infusion

If you want to stave off the exhaustions of a long tiring day, peppermint teais a drink you should try. But you can also prepare some relaxing drinks and mocktails for your parties this season. These will be perfect mood-lifters and healthier alternatives to alcoholic drinks.

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Tranquil, gracious and unforgettable, Mint Tea is ever loved and forever cherished for TE-A-MEs Peppermint infusion featuring in TOI, we enthuse with joy and pride! We realize how each fragrant cup of Peppermint tea seems like its made in heaven, thanks to its aromatic quality and delicate sweet aftertaste. The world of Mint Infusions brings varieties along with aroma. Much to your surprise, there are so many blends available for you to explore. We bring you some insight on how to chose and what to look for.

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87 Customer Reviews

A healthy drink

This tea is good for those who want to enjoy lots of flavours. With undertones of hibiscus which imparts the deep red color and slightly sour taste. It is a refreshing beverage on a warm winter mornin

Absolutely amazing taste!

When we think substitite of tea ....we generally go for green tea. I have been always thinking to have variant of tea other than usual green tea. Then I ordered this being recommended by one colleague

Awesome flavour

Loving The Tea!

So my friend suggested me to try tea from this brand and I must say that I am loving it. They are having so many varieties and my favourite had to be this Apple Cinnamon Infusion one as it can be cons

So refreshing and rich with strawberry cream infusion

Good taste & best to switch from caffeine to herbal tea!!

Overall taste is good. Good for the health, and a very good alternative for tea and coffee. I started gym and my only weakness is tea. This herbal tea helped me to quit my normal tea and switch to her

Must try!

Loved the cinnamon and apple flavor. It calms you down and helps you to relax. When you brew this it will spread its aroma everywhere. This will become my staple from now on!

Just Amazing tea

Bengali tea is emotion. Our life cannot go on without morning tea. Honestly, I have never had such a beautiful tea fast time. The price is a bit high but lick which is just awesome. There are no peopl

Awesome Flavoured Tea..

Wanted to Try a Caffeine Free Drink With Apple Flavour..Laid my Hand on Tea-A-Me Apple Cinnamon Infused Tea.. It Was Delivered on Time. Was Packed Nicely in a box with 25 TeaBags.. The flavour was com

This product is Refreshing

Flavor on point. Packaging is great. Refreshing tea. Taste is great

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