Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea with Honey and Lemon

Honey Lemon Green Tea has emerged as a popular flavour but drinking green tea paired with honey and lemon comes with myriads of health benefits. Honey and lemon are power houses of anti oxidants and disease fighting properties. Green tea comes with catechins and weight loss benefits. Here are some benefits of drinking green tea with lemon and honey:

1. Heart Health:

Green tea is a great supplement for those with history of issues with heart health. It is known to control cholesterol levels. Lemon juice is known to suppress inflammation and improve the function of blood vessels. Lemon may also help control cholesterol levels. Apart from balanced diet & exercise, the combination of honey lemon green tea may support your effort for a healthy lifestyle.

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How the Orange Peel in Your Tea can Benefit You

Power packed teas are a current favourite trend – the varied anti oxidants paired delicious flavours are a new talk of the town. Orange peel has emerged a new variant with plentiful of benefits and a fantabulous kick on the taste buds. Not only the great taste, but also an amazing support to health, who knew the good old orange peel could double up to such goodness! Here are some benefits orange peel in your tea can bring you:

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How Mint and Lemon Can Pump Up Your Green Tea

We all love green tea. All the more when its paired with interesting flavours. These added ingredients can bring myriad of benefits to the already power packed green tea. What could one want more than a delicious cup of goodness that not only perks up a dull day but also is filled with goodness of nature?

Why add Mint to your Green Tea

A popular ingredient in food & beverage industry, mint leaves, fresh or dried, comes with myriads of benefits. With a strong flavour of its own, mint tends to freshen you up even with its natural whiff in the air! Even in small quantities, it can enliven up a recipe.

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