7 Health Benefits Of Cranberry Infusion Tea

7 Health Benefits Of Cranberry Infusion Tea

Have you ever walked into a store, caught a glimpse of fruit infusions and wondered what they’re like? Well we suggest try those caffeine free fruit infusions – they add a new twist to your daily refreshment. The tangy, fruity, citrusy and smooth flavors are sure to uplift your mood and they are so dynamic, one can consume them hot or cold – so hot summers are equally taken care of as winter blues!

One such popular blend is Cranberry Apple Infusion. Delicious tangy cranberries pair well with sweetness of apples. Cranberry Apple Infusion can be easily ordered online. Here are some amazing benefits you can accrue from the infusion:

1. Source of Anti-Oxidants:

By a very generalized rule, anything tart or citrusy in nature comes with benefits of anti oxidants. These anti oxidants, as the name suggests, help in controlling oxidative state of human cells – so they have longer lives. As we age, the damage from sun rays, chemicals from water and harmful foods can strip us off of vitality and dismantle sturdy protein compounds, healthy DNA & lipids. To stop this degeneration of our body, we need antioxidants. Antioxidants are found in many fruits and vegetables, straight out of nature!

Cranberries are a rich source of antioxidants. Cranberries have several antioxidant compounds, not one, mainly contained in the skin of cranberries. So drink up a cranberry tea and say hello to a youthful body! Apples and apple peels are also a rich source of antioxidants. So drink up that delicious source of youthfulness called cranberry apple infusion!

2. Weight Loss:

One of biggest hurdles in weight loss journey is the plateauing. Along with intense exercise and good diet, a good source of mild detox and better metabolism can help you overcome that plateau. Sometimes just a daily habit of piking cup a cup of warm tea can lead to measurable changes.

Cranberry Apple infusion can be consumed to reduce weight – provided if consumed without sugar. Cranberry tea can help in removing excess water stored in the body and acts as a diuretic, which benefits you to scale down a little. With flushing out water, it also flushes out toxins. So say goodbye to that water weight and bloating!

3. Collagen Production

Battling with early signs of ageing? The fine lines under your eyes bug you to no end? We have all been there! Solution? Up your collagen intake! There are many ways you can do this. Many fruits and flowers can be a rich source of collagen. Find a way to include the two into your daily diet!

A good blend of Cranberry Tea comes with additional natural ingredients like hibiscus and rosehip. Both these increments, along with cranberries, may help boost collagen production and you can thus say goodbye to those fine lines! Buy Cranberry Apple Infusion Tea Online.

4. May relieve UTI

Flush it out, flush it out! One of best, most recommended solution of UTI includes drinking a diluted cranberry juice, regularly, till relief. Due to cranberry tea’s diuretic properties, flushing out lots of water and hence toxins naturally may help relieve symptoms of UTI. Regular consumption may even prevent UTI, however it does not have strong scientific backing. A tea like cranberry apple infusion can keep the issue at bay if you are prone to regular infection.

5. Source of Vitamin C

Trying to up your immunity with vitamin C? Well you can now supplement the rather boring tablets with some delicious tea! A blend of cranberry tea, depending on other ingredients used in the tea, can be a great source of vitamin C and you might just need to up your immunity a little for the days are not certain or kind. Vitamin C is not only good for your immunity but also for your heart health, glowing skin, collagen formation and much more! What are you waiting for? A quick way to include vitamin c in your diet is through your daily beverages! Make it a habit folks, it will take you a long way in your journey to good health and great skin!

6. A Dynamic Beverage

A Cranberry Apple Infusion or any blend of cranberry tea is tart and sweet – perfect to have it warm in winters or icy cool in summers. Just brew the tea in hot water first and chill it in refrigerator. This makes for a delicious and healthy alternative to aerated soda drinks. Turn the tea into ice and drop them into your usual water. Why not? Flavour your alcoholic beverages with it, you can do so much with a cranberry apple infusion, you’d be surprised.

7. Anti Inflammatory

Vitamin C in a cranberry infusion that helps boost anti oxidative properties may also help in reducing certain kinds of inflammations in the body as the immunity is up and toxins flushed out. Inflammation can be caused by many things, over exertion, over exercises, stale food, injuries and much more. You must have one drink in your closet to help you deal with it. Have a cranberry infusion ready!

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