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Whatteaareyou in the moodfor today?

Tea is a beverage that makes for a sublime company in your ‘me time’. A cup of tea is always a good idea, but how do you find the right blend for your current state of mind? TE-A-ME Teas knows that tea is an expression of one’s mood and emotion. And this is why we differentiate our brews accordingly. We bring you an option to pick what you want to feel!



Apple and cinnamon swirling together making for a summery light profile.


$ 4.254


This light floral delight is as soothing to the mind as to the tongue.


$ 4.104


Cranberry and Apple flavor unite to make a cup bursting with fresh tropical taste.


$ 4.254


Fresh, aromatic and heavenly flavors of Kashmir in your Green Tea.


$ 2.761

The world of teas is magical. If you are cold, tea will warm you. Too heated? It will cool you. Depressed? Tea will cheer you. And, if you are excited, tea will calm you. Your love for a cup of tea may well define who you are, and with the changing preferences for brews, you may notice your own personality evolving. Explore our bestsellers and find a new you.

100% Natural

TE-A-ME brings alive a wide spectrum of feelings, through a fascinating range of Iced Brews, Black Tea, Green Teas, Flower and Fruit Infusions. Our Teas & Infusions are 100% natural, made with nature’s pure ingredients.

we’re GREAT

Crafted by leading tea experts, who blend tea leaves handpicked from among the premium tea estates with select natural ingredients - we bring you the TE-A-ME range. We are part of the Madhu Jayanti family - an established company with a 75+ year legacy of producing fine teas that are consumed over 10 million times every day across 42 countries.

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of the MONTH


Spicy & exotic, let your January be a dramatic combination of TE-A-ME’s caffeine free wellness infusion Ginger Tulsi Honey. A cup with striking presence of Ginger matched by herbal symphony of Tulsi is sure to be one of the best therapeutic, delicious & healthful infusion you could try!



A US Presidential Candidate. An Indian Tea company. One epic mission. Watch and find out about this epic intervention "Tea for Trump" by TE-A-ME Teas – to make Donald Trump drink tea. For his sake, for America's sake, for the world's sake.


Jyoti | Oct 30, 2019

Delighted with the product and fast delivery. Not only did they provide the Green Tea I ordered, but they sent me 3 samples from their range.

Aadil Ali | Jan 14, 2019

Great service. This is a very good Kashmiri Kahwa tea bag and at a reasonable price! five star!

Santosh Jaiswal | Mar 03, 2019

My husband is a black tea person and TE-A-ME is our go-to brand. The box of 100 is our stock for the month! LOVE IT!

Rahul Kr Singhania | Apr 16, 2019

Another repeat order - love the taste and flavor of TE-A-ME's Darjeeling.. its the best one so far.

Sanjay Mehta | Apr 26, 2019

Tried this Apple Cinnamon flavor for the first time at my friend's house and I loved it, so I ordered it! Great stuff!

Sujoy Banerjee | May 15, 2019

This tea is my favourite. it is fruity tangy and mast! It has no caffeine so I enjoy drinking it every time at any time during the day.

Avay Agarwal | May 24, 2019

One of the best chamomile teas I've tasted. It has a wonderful aroma and a gorgeous color. I will be buying more!

Vijay Kumar | Jun 04, 2019

The only Masala tea I can find in tea bag form that tastes like the real deal. Not only it tastes good, I can immediately feel the taste of each ingredient straight away!

Ankit Sharma | Jul 12, 2019

I got to taste the entire range.. my favorite is lychee and wild berry. The free sipper is pretty portable and useful.

Jenifer Mckenzie | Aug 23, 2019

I gifted this to my grandmother last month and taught her how to prepare. She loves it! its over n I am ordering more!

Amazon Customer | Apr 16, 2017

yummm... tasty and healthy.... for those who r looking for cutting down on those extra calories , believe me, this is oerfect.. no need to sugar ... perfect

Friend | Mar 31, 2017

Your green tea with mint flavour is really good. Keep it up. What more can I write in a review for a green tea. This should suffice.

Akhil berry | Aug 23, 2015

Best in taste and results

Mita Jakhetia | Sep 21, 2015

Good product quite strong so one bag enough for 2 small cup also good for 1 200 ml tea.

Natasha | Sep 12, 2016

Excellent as always!

Kumar | Aug 22, 2017

feels great after having this, will continue & hope others can try this

Kunal bose | Sep 27, 2017

The product is just fantastic.

Amazon Customer | Sep 07, 2017

So very good .. amazing taste

Priyakash | Aug 19, 2018

The cold brews are natural, healthy & safe, to be consumed at any occasion with friends and family. The brews are prepared by adding natural flavors to green and black tea. Now satisfy your tea pa

Darshana A. | Sep 21, 2018

My husband is in love with flavour of Te-a-me craneberry apple .He just have it every day and feels very fresh.

Angshuman Hazarika | Jul 05, 2015

The seller and the product both very nice

Abhishek kumar | Jan 13, 2019

I don't like buying super expensive tea, so Twinnings is out of the picture. Tried Tata Tea Earl Grey, Goodwyn, TYphoo- none of them hold up to Tea a me. I hope they keep the price in this range.

Amazon Customer | Nov 01, 2020

This is the best chamomile tea in the market.



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