Tea is Mother Nature's gift, but not a gift that she can, automagically, keep on giving. The truth is, producing tea can be a drain on the planet when it comes to groundwater, soil, plastic waste and so on. It's like a cup being emptied faster than it can be refilled. That means if we are to keep crafting those fine brews for the rest of our lives, it's on us to give back more than we take. Here's a quick lowdown on what we are doing to keep the tea party going for the long haul.


Our teas come packed in zero plastic, sustainable materials that protect flavour and freshness.

For that perfect cuppa loved by you and the planet.


Te-A-Me teas are powered by nature, literally! We generate over 18,000 kWh in wind and solar per day.

small growers

A bulk of our herbs come from small farmers. That's good for the farmers, good for soil fertility and biodiversity, and helps safeguard local food systems too.

The birds and the bees

Bees are crucial pollinators, and without bees there would be no crop, tea or otherwise. At Te-A-Me, we actively support and nurture our local bee populations. That not only helps us and the farmers around us, but also keeps our wild landscapes beautiful by pollenating flowering plants. We also undertake regular reforestation drives that spell good news for every winged creature around us.


Extensive rainwater harvesting systems at our facilities spread over 10 acres of land helps recharge the community's groundwater.