How Green Tea Helps You Quit Smoking

How Green Tea Helps You Quit Smoking

Cigarette smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, causes multitudes of diseases and deteriorates the general health of smokers. It is the leading cause of preventable deaths across the globe.


Smoking increases the risk of lung cancer, pulmonary diseases, stroke, heart disease, asthma and even infection & death from COVID 19. Smoking can affect your body in not very obvious ways – like poor health of teeth & gums, risk of cataract, body’s inflammation, increased risk of diabetes, arthritis, and lower immune function.

Quitting smoking lowers the risk for all these smoking-related diseases and can add years to one’s life. It cuts cardiovascular risks and in just 1 year after quitting smoking, the risk for a heart arrest drops dramatically. And within 5 years, the risk of various cancers & stroke drops. If you are struggling with this new endeavor of bettering your health, we got something to support you & ease out the process – Green Tea. Yes! Here are some insights on how Green Tea helps you Quit Smoking:

1. Might Ease Your Cough & Congestion:

When you quit smoking, your body begins clear out mucus & other debris. It’s common to face cough and congestion. Consuming green tea regularly at this stage will help clear out this congestion. It will also relieve the symptoms of cough.

2. May Decrease Nausea & Constipation:

Nicotine affects your bowel and colon. When you take the nicotine away, you may experience constipation as your body readjusts. Green Tea is known to help relieve nausea and constipation. A hot cup of Green Tea may have a mild laxative effect & you can consume it daily without long-term health risks.

3. Might Manage Head & Body Aches:

Headache, body ache and tingling is common when nicotine leaves your body. Green tea, rich in polyphenols may have anti-inflammatory effect and help relieve these symptoms, also enabling better blood circulation.

4. Can Handle Stress:

In stress situation, getting a smoke was the first line of order. Now when you are trying to quit, you may use green tea to wind down & calm down. When you build a habit of getting a warm cup of tea, you decrease your chances to go back to smoking in stress situation.

5. May Decrease Jitteriness & Difficulty in Concentrating:

Green Tea is slightly paradoxical. It is calming, but alerting at the same time. In your struggle to concentrate during nicotine withdrawal, you will find your perfect fix in a warm cup of green tea.

6. Might Manage Your Mood:

You are on a journey of transformation – your mind and body has to adjust leaving something you’ve been dependent on. This often causes irritability, frustration and anger. EGCG & l-theanine in Green Tea is known to make people feel calmer and improve mood. Researchers also suggest that drinking green tea lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol. So consume away green tea’s mood altering magic to good health habits!

7. Might Manage Weight:

Nicotine increases metabolism and curbs appetite. Hence, weight gain is common when you try to quit smoking. Chances of eating more food also increase as it substitutes cigarettes with food to cope with the “hand to mouth” habit of smoking.

The subsequent weight gain can be easily manages by regular consumption of Green Tea. Green tea is known to increase metabolism & eliminate fat. You may also switch to Green Tea breaks, from the earlier smoke breaks or snack breaks.

Thus, green tea is a natural fix for many problems when a person tries to quit smoking. It can be very relaxing on its own and a perfect substitute for habit of smoking. You may find a large variety of Green Tea online that suites your taste and needs.

Happy Healthy Living!

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