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Abundant in antioxidants, like flavonoids that aid disease prevention and general well being.

Black Tea

Lemons helps us to lose weight and reduce the risk factor of heart disease, anemia, kidney stones and digestive issues.


Aromatic grass that fights free radicals, reduces inflammation & relieves anxiety.


Apple Peel: Health benefits range from regulation of blood sugar, boosting immunity and to helping you keep your weight in check.

Apple Peel

The anti-microbial and antiseptic qualities of Marigold accrues a plethora of health benefits

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About Products

About Products

Add a zing to your warm, summer evenings with Iced lemon Tea, but with a twist! Lose yourself in zesty, lemony delicious Iced Tea bags, that can be dipped & brewed in ice cold water. A world of freshness awaits with every sip you take & every dip you make!

TE-A-ME ice brews are delicious new blends of fruits, herbs and all things nice. TE-A-ME Iced Tea bags are all-natural and super-healthy, giving a refreshing burst of goodness with every sip. It can be brewed in minutes, just using cold water - no boiling required. TE-A-ME bringing you an iced lemon tea recipe so quick & simple, its hard to fathom!

Bright, crisp, and tart, TE-A-ME’s version of iced lemon tea - Lemon Ice Brew - offers the distinct taste of lemon and strong black tea that instantly brews in cold water. Featuring a deeper flavour as you steep longer, the iced tea’s natural lemon flavour is strong and is more intense than a usual iced lemon tea brewed out of hot black tea. A perfect afternoon pick-me-up, TE-A-ME Cold Brews make for wonderful iced teas, that are perfect for summer months. Ingredients include black tea, marigold, lemongrass and natural lemon flavour, all combined in convenience of pyramid tea bags, making for the easiest iced lemon tea recipe out there!

Health Benefits

Health Benefits
  1. An Iced Lemon tea benefits in cooling down a hot afternoon’s restlessness or a sweaty day’s uneasiness.
  2. Lemon and black tea may also help cleanse your body by removing toxins from the system. These toxins invite various kinds of diseases and infections. An excellent detoxifier, lemon iced brew may help prevent these diseases and infections.
  3. A sugar free iced tea can be energising while keeping you fully hydrated. Our cold brew iced tea bags can be a refreshing replacement to all the sugary and unhealthy summer aerated drinks.


  • Place the bag in a glass
  • Pour in water and ice
  • Steep for 5 minute
  • Stir it well
  • Your drink is ready to be served
  • Add sugar if you prefer it sweeter
  • Hint: The longer the bag stays in, the smoother the flavor





Transition into the summer is incomplete without nimbupaani, or the slightly mainstream Iced Lemon Tea. So here we are with our quick and easy, zesty and citrusy TE-A-ME Lemon iced brew.

Just add water and sip away your infusion that is a blast of citrus sweetness of Lemon with lemongrass, black tea and a lot more. This iced tea infusion can easily replace your summer afternoon’ hot cup of chai.

Ingredient Details

Ingredient Details
  • Black tea(63%)
  • Natural lemon flavour(16% )
  • Apple peel citric acid(12% )
  • Natural flavouring substances(6% )
  • Marigold(1.25% )
  • Lemongrass(1.25% )
  • Steviol glycosides (INS960)(0.50% )
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten free
  • No added sugar
  • No artificial colours

Technical Information

Technical Information and Nutritional Information

Manufacturer/packer address

Marketed & Manufactured by: Madhu Jayanti International Ltd. 29 Munshigaunge Road, Kolkata 700023.

Generic name of commodity : Tea Bags

Consumer Grievances : 1800 300 22151 or

Brand : TE-A-ME

Net Quantity : 25 Tea Bags

Net Weight : 1.8 g x 3.5 Tea Bags = 63 g

Item Package Quantity : 1 Pack containing 18 Pyramid Tea Bags

Ingredient Type : Vegetarian

Form : Enveloped Tea Bags  Staple Free

Certifications : FSSAI

Storage Instructions : Store in Cool, Dry, Hygienic, Airtight container after opening.

Best Before / Expiry : 24 months from Packaging

Barcode / GTIN / QR : (Please Refer Image for more details)

Origin : INDIA

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38 Customer Reviews

Super Product It's an Excellent

Super Product It's an Excellent product.Te-a-me ice brews are very delicious new blends of fruits, herbs and all things nice. They are all-natural and super-healthy, giving a refreshing burst of goodness with every sip. How cool is that! Brew, serve, enjoy and lose yourself in a zesty, lemony deliciousness dipped in ice.After using this my mind was relaxed and it has good taste.

Pradyumn Jain
Punch of cold brew

It's the best lemon tea i have ever come across with. It comes with no added sugar which is not only good for your body but also taste amazing. It instantly freezes ur mind.

Clara Gomes
Best iced tea flavor

This is the best iced tea flavor I have tried. It's really easy to make, No added sugar. And is the perfect drink for the summer. It's one of the most refreshing drink that I've tried.

Awesome lemon tea !!!!

The flavor is so perfect and with the goodness of lemon does make it an healthy option. Beat the scorching heat and I look to this product to thrive out the thirst.Probably the best iced tea available in the market.This ice tea is really refreshing to have any summer day.It keeps you cool and very easy to make.It is ready to drink in just 2 minutes.Worth the money and got a really good deal.Must buy if you love to drink lemon tea.

Very lemony and fresh

It's a lovely tea with a heavy lemon flavour, unlike the lemon flavoured green tea.. Its a refreshing drink on a summer day.. Tastes nicer when sweetened.. I even combined it with the berry flavour and liked that too.. I reused the bag at least 3 times.. Still quite good.. Worth a try for sure!

Refreshing Delight

Tea with lemon flavour and it's cold brew...... They made all the refreshment in one pack!! Just the thing you need for the day!!

Meenu Saraf

Kunal Singh Bhati
It tastes awesome

I just love how it tastes. It have a sweet and refreshing flavor which you'll feel even after half an hour in your mouth. And most importantly no added sugar means it's healthy too.

Biswanath Biswas
Awesome flavour

Love the flavor, where finally without thinking anything you can enjoy Ice tea, easy to use. Just dip the sache in ice/cold water and voila. Enjoy your home made ice tea

Laxmi Narain
Loved the flavour

Really good tasting and fast brewing . Perfect drink for summers.

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