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Earn, Redeem and Enjoy Benefits of Your Points
  • Sign up-
    50 Points
  • Upload birthday-
    10 Points
  • Place an order-
    10 Points for Every Rs 100 Spent on total order cost (excluding the Shipping Cost and Redeem Points)
  • Write a product review-
    20 Points
  • Write a product review with an image-
    30 Points

Validity: The Validity of Points will be 3 Months from the Date of Earning Them.

Terms & Conditions for Redeem
  • You get INR 1 for every 2 Points Earned
  • For Every Order you Place, you can Redeem Maximum of 100 Points (INR 50) only.
  • For Redemption of Points, Minimum Cart Value has to be INR 400
  • Points can be Redeemed from your Second Order onwards.
  • In case you Cancel your Order, Redeemed Points from that Order will Not be Refunded - aka - you will Lose your Points.
  • Redemption Plan is Subject to Change or Withdrawal at any Time.
  • Place Order redemption points should be added to the customer account, once the product is finally get delivered.
  • One Person can review the same product many times but points will be added only once in 30 days interval.

1. How to Enter Birthday?

  • After you have Signed in, on the Top Right Corner of TE-A-ME Home Page, your Name will Appear.
  • Click on your Name, Chose "My profile" tab.
  • One the Right Side of the Page, under "Account Setting", chose "Profile Information" Find Date of Birth
  • You can either Enter Manually or Pick the Date from the Calendar icon
  • Scroll Down and Click on "Save Changes"

2. How to Write Product Review? How to Add photo to Product Review?

  • Go to the Product Page of the Product you Wish to Review.
  • Scroll down and find "Customer Reviews"
  • Next to it you will find "Write a Product Review" Tab
  • Click on it.
  • Rate the Stars, Enter Title, Write in detail.
  • You can upload the Photo by clicking on "Choose Files", click on relevant image and "Open"
  • Click "Submit"
  • Your Review is Complete!
  • You can access all your reviews under your Profile's Account Settings
  • Find "My Reviews & Ratings"

3. What is Validity?

  • It is the Time Period through which you can Redeem the Points you Earned. After this Window Period, the Points will Expire and Render Invalid for Usage.

4. What are the Benefits of the Redemption Plan?

  • Our Redemption Plan aims to cater to the needs of regular consumers of tea and those who like to explore the world of fine teas.
  • We want to build a community of tea drinkers and tea lovers; and hence, we'd love to have you come back over and over.
  • TE-A-ME offers many flavors of green teas, black teas and fruit & flower infusions for you to explore.
  • Customers will be able to avail Extra Discounts by earning points on them after purchase.
  • Your love for teas will have a cascading positive effect on your health, your excitement to explore and your pockets too!
  • Our Redemption Plan is for our customers to enjoy and benefit from this wonderful journey!



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