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Hello, we are TE-A-ME and we’re passionate about tea. Like, really passionate. We are part of the Madhu Jayanti International Pvt. Ltd. — a 75+ year old company with a legacy of producing fine teas that are consumed over 10 million times every day across 42 countries. Nobody knows tea like we do.

Handcrafted Experiences

We believe that every mood deserves its own
special brew of tea. Whether you’re looking for
a healing cup, a pick-me-up or a celebratory
drink, we’ve got it all. We call this experience
’Flavour Therapy’, a tea for every mood.

all natural ingredients

Our teas are made with the finest leaves from the hills of
Assam and Darjeeling. Each ingredient in our fruit and flower
infusion range is sourced from its natural origin.
From pure chamomile flowers to fresh Indian tulsi herbs,
we don’t settle for second best.

the art of
master blending

Master blenders are basically tea wizards.
And we have three of the best of them with over 100
years of combined experience. Their job is to seek
out the finest cups of tea, handpick the best leaves
and brew hundreds of flavours along with a team of
food technologists. They help us unlock all the
fantastic possibilities of tea.

Certified of the highest standard

Our certifications make sure that all our teas
and infusions adhere to the highest
international quality standards. We want to
ensure the finest experience in every sip.

the taste of innovation

Tea is changing. Tea drinkers are changing. To meet the
needs of this ever-evolving breed of tea drinkers we’ve been
innovating our flavours for past 75+ years. Credit to this goes
to our strong R&D department, where we’re studying
consumer behaviour and redefining how tea is perceived
and consumed. This journey of innovation has been long
and rewarding. And to this day, we’re thrilled to bring you
that cup of joy you can cherish anywhere, anytime.



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