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Indulge in Masala Black Tea

Improves Digestion, Relieves Cough & Cold Symptoms

Caffeine Content : Medium High

Best Consumed: Hot

25 Staple Free Tea Bags in Individually Wrapped in Envelopes. 100 Staple Free Tea Bags.

Shipment with 24-48 Hours. Delivery within 3-4 days


About Products

About Products

Indulge in ‘desi masala chai’ tea blend. A perfect Masala Chai recipe consists of a rich blend of Indian spices and full-bodied black tea to get the true 'Desi' flavour from every cup. A blend of high grown Assam teas with REAL spices - no artificial flavours. TE-A-ME masala chai tea bags consist of black tea blended with rich Indian spices. Clove, cinnamon, black pepper, Assam black tea, ginger, cardamom and nutmeg make for a fine & basic masala chai ingredients. In India 'Masala Chai' tea blend is the most popular among all teas. On every street corner, chai wallahs sell their personal blends, all over the cities of India. This tea is best enjoyed with the milk. Buy masala tea online here.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits
  1. The blend of Indian spices in this aromatic tea may boost metabolism and help in breakdown of fat. It may be a perfect weight loss drink.
  2. The spices encourage movement through the gastrointestinal system and thus Masala tea may work in relieving bloating and gassiness as well.
  3. Fresher the tea is, Healthier it is. TE-A-ME masala tea bags are heat sealed, processed and packaged at our own Factory. This process locks in the aroma & freshness of its spiced ingredients.


  • Place bag in a cup
  • Pour water that is heated up to 100 °C
  • Steep for 3-5 minutes
  • Best served with a dash of milk
  • Add sugar or honey and sweeten to taste






Masala Chai Tea can instantly freshen and wake you up. The blend is a perfect pick against morning blues or afternoon drowsiness. The spices like cloves, pepper, cardamom may help boost metabolism and thus keep you energized. Each of its ingredients has its own unmistakable flavor, aroma and taste.

Indulge in the rich blend of Indian spices and full-bodied black tea leaves to get the true 'Desi' flavour in every cup. TE-A-ME Masala Tea is crafted using strong black tea with aromatic spices that brings briskness and astringency to the infusion. You can enjoy this blend with or without milk. We suggest buying masala chai tea bags that will quicken the preparation time as well as bring you consistent flavour.

Ingredient Details

Ingredient Details
  • Black Tea (70%)
  • Ginger (6.5%)
  • Cinnamon (6%)
  • Black Pepper (5.5%)
  • Clove (3.5%)
  • Nutmeg (2.5%)

Technical Information

Technical Information and Nutritional Information

Manufacturer/packer address 

Marketed & Manufactured by: Madhu Jayanti International Ltd. 29 Munshigaunge Road, Kolkata 700023.

Generic name of commodity : Tea Bags

Consumer Grievances : 1800 300 22151 or

Brand : TE-A-ME

Net Quantity : 25 Tea Bags

Net Weight : 1.6 g x 25 Tea Bags = 40 g

Item Package Quantity : 1 Pack containing 25 Enveloped Tea Bags

Ingredient Type : Vegetarian

Form : Enveloped Tea Bags  Staple Free

Certifications : FSSAI

Storage Instructions : Store in Cool, Dry, Hygienic, Airtight container after opening.

Best Before / Expiry : 24 months from Packaging

Barcode / GTIN / QR : (Please Refer Image for more details)

Origin : INDIA

Nutritional Information

Energy (kcal) : 104.00

Protein (g) : 20.72

Carbohydrate (g) : 3.98

Fat(All types)(g) : 0.40

Cholesterol (g) : 0.00

Vitamins C (mg) : 12.58

FSSAI Number : 10012031000066



Abundant in antioxidants, like flavonoids that aid disease prevention and general well being.

Black Tea

Ginger is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds that have powerful benefits for your body and brain.


Rich in anti oxidants, stabilizes blood sugar, supports heart health and promotes weight loss.


A fix against free radicals, increases blood circulation, promotes weight loss and balances the body's water content.

Black Pepper

This uniquely scented spice helps regulate hunger levels and is loaded with antibacterial properties.


Benefits include reduced anxiety, sound sleep, better digestion, and relief from symptoms of cold & cough.


Relieves stomach ailments like indigestion, gas and constipation. Combats symptoms of cold and cough.

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Greeshma Giri

Aromatic....the smell is awesome. Taste as well. If u prefer black tea one bag is more that enough

Ms. Dey
Its perfect brew

I mostly use it for milk tea and its perfect cha.

Amazon Customer
Excellent Strong genuenine Assam Tea . Right Price

Real value for money

P.naga N.


Ruchita Chakraborty
Good for office use

The price being reasonable, it is good for office use. People who prefer black tea can also use it since it is dip.

Shereen Kumar
Strong & nice flavor tea

Kiran Moon
Earl Grey Black Tea

Riya Sah
Msala tea

Before I did not like masala tea but after trying this I m just loving this. I drink it after my work and it really releases all my tension. Thank you masala tea.

For Tea Lovers

Chai lovers know how special is tea for the morning and this is absolutely love for me.

Sneha Namata
Full of flavours

The tea is just full of desi spices which releases so much flavourful aroma....the spices are the actual flavour feels so good to have this pack of black tea.. Chai lovers this is absolutely for you ??

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