Why You Should Try Iced Green Tea This Summer

Why You Should Try Iced Green Tea This Summer

During the hot summer months, we invariably reach for a cold beverage to beat the heat and cool our bodies (and minds!). But have you considered green tea? You will b surprised how iced green tea may prove more refreshing you’re your regular sugared sodas. Don’t believe us?

Here are amazing reasons why you should reach for the green tea this summer:

1. Drinking Green Tea Cools You Down

Drinking green tea during the hot summer months is likely to help you cool down more than a sugared aerated colas will. This might be due to a number of different factors. Green tea is less fermented and seldomoxidized – both of these properties in iced green tea may help induce a cooling effect on your body. Iced green tea is likely to support your body to relax and regulate its internal temperature, thereby making you feel less sweaty.

2. Protects Your Skin in the Scorching Summer Month

While we go about looking for the best SPF at the pharmacy stores, as the summertime sets in, how about dropping by the nearby grocery store on the way and load up on your favorite green teas too? Yes! Green Tea’s catechin content, a powerful antioxidant, is likely to help improve the skin’s resistance to damage from harmful sunrays. Yet another welcome benefit of replacing cold drinks with iced green tea during the summer!

3. Become More Internally Resilient with Green Tea

Summer comes with its share of outdoor activities, holidays, road trips and more. However, the sunny weather can cause headaches, insomnia, poor digestion and a slowed functioning immunity. Green Tea contains vitamins and minerals may help you fix some of these problems. Don’t feel like eating? Try reaching out for a glass of iced green tea! This drink may give you a much-needed energy boost, and induce some appetite.

4. Look Fabulous in Your Beach Wear

After a fleet of high calorie meals, invariable during the winter months, many of us wish to look a little more in shape after the woolens are retreated from our wardrobes. Say hello to Green Tea that may assist you in burning that fat faster! In conjunction with regular exercise, the flavonoids and caffeine contents in green tea are likely to promote healthy weight loss in your body. Loose the sugar from your green tea and you carry iced green tea to your long runs and work out sessions too.

Could you even have more compelling reason to trade your cold drinks for the refreshing Iced Green Tea? Consume this magic drink on regular basis to truly experience its joy and develop a taste. You will soon find yourself experimenting with different flavor and even combine them into mocktails and salad dressings. However, it is important to remember to consume it in moderation. With that being said, hopefully you now see why we recommend drinking iced or cold brew green tea during the summer? You can find a variety of green teas and cold brews online – find your favorite ones and stock them up!

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