What is the Best Time to Drink Green Tea?

Green Tea is making its way to become an all-time favorite beverage for those conscious about their overall health and fitness. Aiding you – from enhancing weight loss to regulating blood sugar, from making for a perfect detox beverage to giving you a glowing skin – Green Tea brings you a range of benefits and yet keeps you feeling light and fresh. But have you wondered that to optimize Green Tea’s benefits, a good timing could play a role? We bring you our suggestions:

1. After Breakfast

Green tea before breakfast

Green tea makes for a perfect healthy beverage to kick-start your day. A morning cup will reload your body’s antioxidants and you may be able to accrue its maximum benefits. To avoid increasing stomach acidity and subjecting yourself to dehydration, avoid consuming green tea on empty stomach. Green Tea is best consumed after a healthy hearty nutritious breakfast.

2. Before Exercise

Green Tea Before Exercise

Due to its less caffeine content and metabolism enhancing properties, green tea can prepare our body for a power-filled exercise session. A cup an hour before exercise will optimize your regime. In addition, sipping on to a green tea during your exercise can also make for a perfect energy drink that is sugar free and natural.

3. Before or After Meals

Green Tea after & before meal

Making this decision can be tricky. Green Tea an hour before an anticipated heavy meal can prepare your body to metabolize the incoming influx of food. However, Green Tea immediately before or after a meal may obstruct digestion and absorption. This holds true for a strong cup of green tea.

But unlike its conventional use, Green Tea has made for a delicious gourmet ingredient in soups, salad dressing, rice preparations and cookies too! So here we are, be it before, after or during a meal, this dynamic beverage has its share everywhere!

4. Before Bedtime

Green Tea Before Bedtime

If loosing weight is becoming a tussle, a cup of green tea few hours before bedtime can increase your resting metabolic rate and help you burn fat while you are asleep. However, if you are struggling with insomnia or restlessness, it is best to avoid the beverage post sunset. A better decision, in that case, would be to switch to a warm, caffeine free infusion or a very diluted green tea. Listen to your body while you make this decision.

5. Before or during reading/study hours

Green Tea before & After Reading Books

Caffeine enhances your alertness and brain activity. Green Tea can enhance your cognitive functions and increase focus without necessarily giving you the caffeine jitters. So if you have a tight study schedule, or need to finish a book that has been long pending, buckle yourself up with this delicious cup of beverage. You can do this!

6. High Tea

A drowsy late afternoon or early evening is the time we all detest. To beat the sunset blues, High Tea is one such tradition that is practiced in many countries, although it is English in origin. So here we suggest you go Downtown Abbey and treat yourself with a strong and delicious cup of Green Tea paired with rice crisps, cookies, banana breads, lemon loafs or cucumber sandwiches. A right choice of Green Tea will enhance your experience. For instance, Peppermint or Jasmine flavored green tea, Sencha green tea, Vanilla flavored tea is sure to caste its magic!

There you go! Stock up your cupboard with a range of Green Teas that you can easily find online – for now you have plentiful occasions to brew yourself, your friends and your family this aromatic green beverage and accrue the best of its benefits!

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