Wake up with Aromatic Black Tea

black Assam Tea Bags

An aromatic preparation, that gives you a quick pick me up in the morning, what comes to mind other than the sweet old Black Tea? Black Tea is a popular preparation over the world, preferred as morning beverage and is made using Camellia Sinensis leaves. These leaves are oxidised for longer periods, leading to a darker leaf colour and a stronger brew. Black Tea’s taste is often described as highly brisk and astringent – perfect for those who like it strong. It is a tea that goes well with milk, honey or sugar. With its increasing popularity and flavour variety, it is now easy to get your hands on a good deal of black tea online – in terms of variety as well as price, packaging and form.

Black Tea comes with many Benefits:

i) May Improve Cardiovascular Health

Black tea may help increase blood flow while regulating cholesterol in the bloodstream. It may keep cholesterol from oxidising and thereby sticking to walls of the blood vessels. Tea’s calming effect on mind may release stress too – a common culprit for developing cardiovascular diseases. Black tea thus makes for an ideal ritual for stress busting after a long day.

ii)May Help Strengthen Immunity

Black may work to help your body fight off infections. It may also assist in speeding up recovery from cold & flu. Its warming properties may help give a relief from the stifling effects of the infection. Black tea with lemon is the favourite and much craved invariably during the flu season.

iii)May Help Reduce Inflammation

Some researches also suggest that black tea may help reduce inflammation – a condition which is responsible for many modern day illnesses. Reduction in inflammatory bodily responses may promote overall health and make one feel at ease.

iv)Definitely Lowers your Caffeine Intake

If you are addicted to coffee, you may well know of the jitteriness and subsequent energy crash that comes with it. That is then followed by more intake of coffee leading you to get addicted to caffeine. Black tea is a perfect counterpart of coffee that not only has lower caffeine content but also gives a good boost on energy without the caffeine jitters and unpleasant side effects. But be sure to try this one in moderation too!

v) So Many Flavours, You’ll Never be Bored

Apart from all the benefits that black tea brings you, it also does not let you get bored, ever! From Bergamot, to English Breakfast to Lemon Black Tea to Assam and Darjeeling – there are so many options to explore. Owing to its popularity, you can now easily find black tea online with variety of flavours – just how you like it. Get adventurous and try ‘em all!

vi) A Delicious Cup towards Weight Loss:

When consumed without milk or sweeteners, Black Tea contains almost zero calories. It has warming properties that will increase your metabolic rate just slightly and help you burn fat and digest food faster. Add in a few drops of lemon and you have found your best weight loss companion!

Quite popular since ancient times, today, the research goes on and about on the delicious Assam black tea and its benefits. Until then, we enjoy the aesthetics, the joy of brewing and the warm of the aromatic cup!

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