Tea Varieties with Higher Caffeine Content and How it can Help You

The most satisfying few minutes after waking up is watching the sunrise and a cup of refreshing tea. It is probably the integral part of many people’e mornings. Its one energising yet simplest rituals of the day. The best part? It’s a preparation that takes about few minutes but readies you for the longest most arduous days. Some find coffee too acidic for an early morning empty stomach beverage. Many break a sweat or two and others get jittery with consumption of coffee.

Green and Black Tea High in Caffeine

Solution? The best one yet – TEA! So many varieties and such many combinations to explore. Without the caffeine jitters !

Caffeine Content in Teas

Caffeine content in tea depends on variety of factors. Herbal teas, tisanes, fruit & flower infusions does not contain any caffeine. However, black teas, CTC, strong roasts bring you higher levels of caffeine. Green tea also contains sufficient amounts of caffeine. Here are some factors that will determine the caffeine content in your tea:

  • Steeping Period: The longer you steep your tea in hot water, the more caffeine it will have.
  • Processing Method: The finer your tea, the more caffeine it will bring to your cup. For instance, ground teas like CTC will have higher caffeine content than loose full leaf tea.
  • Water Temperature: The hotter the water, the more caffeine it will infuse.
  • Amount of Tea Leaves: As simple as it gets! The more leaves or tea bags you chose to brew, the stronger it will get.

Here are some tea varieties that will bring your cup just the right amounts of Caffeine:

1. Earl Grey:

Black teas are highest in terms of caffeine content. TE-A-ME’s Earl Grey makes for a fantastic option as its bergamot flavour gives it a citrusy zest and makes for a fantastic start to your day. Earl grey is popular amongst the English as an afternoon pick me ups. Now we know why!

2. English Breakfast:

TE-A-ME English Breakfast brings you this blend of tea which are sourced from multiple sources to make it strong and brisk. English breakfast is one hell of a heavy greasy ordeal for breakfast. To chug it down, the tea comes as a best pairing – black teas got higher caffeine content. So had a heavy breakfast and drowsy already? You know what to reach out for the post breakfast caffeine kick!

3. Darjeeling Tea:

The tea leaves that are harvested earlier in the year have higher caffeine content than those harvested later. TE-A-ME’s Darjeeling will give you that sunshine bright in your tea cup that will help you with just the right amount of caffeine.

4. Sencha:

TE-A-ME’s Sencha Green Tea comes with a grassy flavour that can be brewed into a strong tea which develops into a deep flavour. The loose leaf makes it easy to control the caffeine content in your cup. You are sure to enjoy this one.

5. Lemon Ice Brew:

TE-A-ME’s Lemon Ice Brew is that perfect energy boost you require before a workout session – all the more during summertime as caffeine may make you feel hotter when consumed as a hot beverage. TE-A-ME’s ice brew are just to your rescue for this one. TE-A-ME’s Lemon ice brew comes with black tea in it which is naturally higher in caffeine content. Talk about an ideal summertime refreshment!

How Caffeine from Tea is Beneficial for You

  1. To start with, choosing tea over coffee for your caffeine dose has a major advantage – energy is released slowly. So goodbye caffeine jitters and no more crashes! The amino acids in tea makes the energy release more even unlike the energy spikes and dips with coffee.
  2. Moderate amounts of caffeine in tea helps you stay alert and active. The L-theanine content helps boost mental alertness and at the same time triggers a calming effect.
  3. Caffeine enhances physical performance and endurance. It is the best drink for pre run and pre work out sessions – especially when you just don’t feel like working out!


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