Refresh and Recharge Your Mind Instantly with TE-A-ME Iced Teas

Long day? What is more relaxing than a deliciously refreshing icy cold beverage? If you love tea, iced tea is one of the best spins on it! Especially after a long, hard, hot, sweaty and a cranky day. Iced tea can instantly cheer you up. It can hydrate you and keep you refreshed all day long.

Ice tea Infusion

How to Make Iced Tea?

There are may recipes out there for making iced teas.
The most accessible one is to brew the black or the green tea available to you in the hot water or as suggested on the pack. Dissolve sugar in hot brew. Then add ice and water according to the preferred taste and liking. One may also add sugar syrup or a fruit based syrup to this mixture to enhance the flavour of iced tea.
The easiest iced tea recipe is to get a ready mix or ice brew tea bags. This is as simple as it can get. Add water and ice, and that’s about it. To perk it up, one may add herbs like basil, rosemary, or mint leaves.

Why Iced Tea?

The sound of iced tea rings the refreshing bells. One instantly imagines cooling down of body and relaxing of muscles. Iced tea is one of the best and most delicious sources of vitamin C, antioxidants and caffeine. Drinking iced tea regularly takes care of hydration too. One may not want to drink as much water but when it is flavoured with healthy ingredients of nature, it is easy and one tends to reach out for more water and hence, hydration.

TE-A-ME Ice Brews hold up to its tagline – Make Water Interesting. With multiple flavour options from citrusy to berry, from peach to lychee, the range of TE-A-ME Ice Brews Tea will sure keep you interested in drinking a lot of water. So stay ready to welcome great skin along with high levels of energy.

The caffeine content in TE-A-ME Iced Tea is of comfortable levels, that will not make you as jittery as coffee does. Iced tea, when sweetened naturally, can be a relatively healthy drink to rely upon. Especially when the market is flooded with sodas, sugary drinks and artificially flavoured substances.

Chose the Best Ice Tea with TE-A-ME

TE-A-ME Ice Brews make for refreshing, healthy iced teas are curated using 100% natural ingredients. All you have to do is just add water! So you can sip away the icy, tasty, fruity magic, especially with the free sipper that you can avail with assorted pack. TE-A-ME’s sugar free iced infusion can be soothing, keeping you hydrated outdoors too. Ice brews are a refreshing replacement to all the sugary and unhealthy summer aerated drinks

The pyramid shape of the tea bags allows the space for the ingredients to unfurl and expand, and thus the ingredients release their flavor completely bringing you the finest of tea experience Fresher the tea is, Healthier it is. TE-A-ME Teas are tea bags that are heat sealed, processed and packaged at our own Factory. This process locks in the freshness. All our tea bags are Staple Free – no more dangers of the metallic pins that may not only alter the health benefits of the tea but also prove to be harmful.

We are passionate about every little detail of tea processing, right from tea Gardens to your Tea Cups. A delicious way to well being, TE-A-ME Teas brings you a range of teas and infusions to suite your mood, your taste and your palette. Our Cold Brew Sachets are highly portable, individually wrapped tea packets that are available in single flavors: Peach, Lychee, Lemon, Mint, Wild Berry!


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