Orange Ginger Infusion Tea Might Protect You from Cold & Cough

While there’s a huge fan following for green tea and herbal infusions, the fruit & flower infusions are turning heads lately. Much of it is attributed to its caffeine free properties in addition to imparting freshness with a fruity zing. Orange ginger tea is one such infusion that is gaining popularity. Not so much a mainstream beverage yet, however, might we remind you of some orange peel and ginger tea benefits here:

1. Orange peels are rich source of vitamin C. It is said the orange peel has at least twice as much as Vitamin C than the inner fruit. As well understood, vitamin C boosts natural immune response of our bodies. This in turn can decrease chances of catching cough and cold.

2. It is a lesser known fact that a good gut health leads to greater immunity. Conversely, poor digestion makes one prone to all kinds of infections. Orange peels contain pectin, which prevents constipation and improves health of digestive system. The ginger in orange ginger infusion is also supportive of a smoothly functioning digestive system.

3. If you are already down with cough and cold, orange ginger tea benefits you even more. Orange peel is known to relieve congestion in breathing. Ginger is anti inflammatory, which will soothe and relax the inflamed nasal tracts. Orange Ginger tea bags make for a perfect and quick relief when down and out!

4. Cough and cold has one side effect that we all despise – headaches and body cramps. Ginger’s anti inflammatory properties may help alleviate headache and body pain. So loosen up to a warm cup of orange ginger tea infusion!

5. There is no treatment for virus borne cold and cough. In such time, experts have encouraged people to take preventive measures. This is where good lifestyle come into picture. Consuming ginger tea has its benefits. Ginger has volatile oils, which have anti-inflammatory properties similar to that of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Orange peel contains pectin. This makes orange ginger tea an excellent treat for alleviating symptoms of flu and enhancing natural immune responses of your body!


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