Ice Brews Tea – Perfect Drink for Travelling

Ice Brews Tea

What if one tells that one may not need a kettle to make tea? One actually may not need hot water at all!

Cold brewing is a process where tea leaves are steeped in cold water only and refrigerated overnight. Though chilled tea may sound like blasphemy, more and more tea lovers are swapping their hot mug for a cold cuppa. Unlike with hot brewing one may not need to heat water, check the water temperature or keep track of how many minutes the tea leaves have been steeping. Cold brew is time efficient and help in travelling vigorously while carrying the brew along.

There are several health benefits one may find below –

1. The Simplicity

Now a days cold-brewed tea is acquiring places because one may make it anywhere! The mountains, the beach, one name it. With cold brewed tea, one may not need a stove, a pot, ice, or anything extra. All it takes is distilled water and your cold brew tea bags. Plus, preparation is safer since there’s no boiling water or burner to deal with. Super friendly Ice brews Tea for travelling anywhere in the Universe.

2. Sweet and Sugar Free

If one is trying to give up sugar, cold brewed tea may be a great option. The tea is naturally sweet and mild so one may not need to add sugar. One may get a delicious, antioxidant rich drink that’s virtually calorie free. One may swig favorite brew throughout the day instead of sugary soft drinks with dinner instead as well.

3. Body Hydration

Drinking chilled tea throughout the day may be is a delicious way to drink more water. Should not worry about the old myth that the caffeine dehydrates one, the science shows that tea is in fact very hydrating. It may contain 99% water! While travelling short or long distance one may keep themselves hydrated the whole day without any restraint.

4. Fewer Tannins

Tannins are what may give certain foods and drinks their tart taste. When one cold brew tea, fewer tannins may release. This may make the tea taste great, but it also may help with iron levels since tannins may reduce the amount of healthy iron absorption from food. Cold steeped tea also may have less caffeine, so those wanting to reduce caffeine intake may love this method.

5. Free Radical Scavenging

Cold-water green tea extracts are more effective in scavenging free radicals’ unstable atoms or molecules that may contribute to age related diseases.

6. Health Advantages

Cold-brewed tea may healthier than hot tea. As hot water steeps the tea bags, it may extract the tea while also creating a chemical reaction inside the water. During this process, tannins, or polyphenols may be pulled from the tea. An Iced Tea a Day to Let You Cruise Through the Week

Finally, one can say the tea you may want to cold brews are likely to be the lighter teas. May with a lower tannic quality and a smooth astringency, the taste may be better as well as the health benefits being increased. The best thing one may do is to get some tea and try this out, see what you like!

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