How Mint and Lemon Can Pump Up Your Green Tea

We all love green tea. All the more when its paired with interesting flavours. These added ingredients can bring myriad of benefits to the already power packed green tea. What could one want more than a delicious cup of goodness that not only perks up a dull day but also is filled with goodness of nature?

Why add Mint to your Green Tea

A popular ingredient in food & beverage industry, mint leaves, fresh or dried, comes with myriads of benefits. With a strong flavour of its own, mint tends to freshen you up even with its natural whiff in the air! Even in small quantities, it can enliven up a recipe.

  • Mint is known to have Vitamin A, Iron, Manganese. With minimal processing or cooking, one can keep the nutrients intact while consuming.
  • While using in green tea, mint can freshen you up instantly. If your green tea is rather bitter, mint leaves can balance its bitterness with its cooling sensation. If the green tea seems mild or dull, adding mint to your green tea can
  • With fast foods and fast life, it is easy to slip into wrong eating habits that churn up your stomach lining. Mint has a relaxing effect on the muscles of your stomach tract. If your suffer IBS, mint in your daily green tea can definitely impart some relief.
  • Stressed out? Mint leaves can give an instant cooling effect, starting from your tongue, nasal tract and you will feel the cooling effect in your head as you breathe in the aroma. It can also instantly freshen you up and improve your brain function, productivity and concentration levels.
  • Green tea with mint can improve symptoms of cold and flu. Say goodbye to over the counter medicines. Menthol in mint leaves can be an effective nasal decongestant. Green tea with mint can effectively fight symptoms of cold & flu.
  • Mask your bad breath with this delightful combination! Green tea with mint can benefit your overall oral health, including strength of your teeth and the plaque deposit. Mint as its known is good to keep bad breath away!

Why add Lemon to your Green Tea

    Lemon is one of the most dynamic ingredient in nature that literally compliments any cuisine and fits any beverage. What is tea without lemon anyway? Right? Here are some benefits of adding a few drops of lemon to your green tea.

  • Green tea with lemon benefits are plenty but weight loss tops the list. While green tea by itself can up your metabolism, lemon can improve your digestion. What a combination!
  • Vitamin C in your lemon with green tea combo can support hearth health immensely. Lemons have been known to lower cholesterol. Green tea may also help regulate it. Its a hearty healthy infusion!
  • If digesting a heavy meal is your immediate priority, look no further than a cup full of green tea with lemon and mint! Thank us later! If digestion’s a regular issue for you, make it a point to grab a daily cup of green tea with lemon, mint and ginger. Small habits can take you a long way in improving general health and well being.
  • A lemony cup of green tea can relieve mental or emotional stress, just the warmth and zest of the cup can sometimes uplift mood. Sipping that tea can bring a dull mind back to life! So cheer up with a cup of citrusy goodness!

Summing it up: Mint and Lemon in your Green Tea is a fantastic Idea!

To sum up, your green tea can be pumped with with varied flavours and natural ingredients. It will not only keep things interesting but also up the health benefits of consuming green tea. TE-A-ME has a Mint Lemon Ginger Green Tea that you may explore to reduce the daily hassle of washing the ingredients, cutting them up and figuring the right proportions in order to make that perfect cup. Many options, tea bag or loose leaf can be easily procured from markets, online or in person, that suite your needs and requirement. We hope that healthy teas becomes a part of your favourite routine that you look forward to, with friends and family.


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