Green Tea Benefits

It seems like the old Chinese monks knew benefits of Green Tea already when they started drinking it thousands of years ago – now every week, a new report or study is released with regards to health benefits of Green Tea. The primary reason for the plethora of health benefits Green Tea offers is attributed to the fact that green tea may be high in antioxidants (polyphenols), often referred to as ECGC or catechins.

Green tea is made from the same plant as Black Tea, known as Camellia Sinensis, but retains higher levels of antioxidants because the leaves are less processed comparatively. Here are some health benefits of drinking green tea regularly:

1. May Maintain Healthy Weight

One of the more apparent health benefits from drinking green tea might be regulation of metabolism and thus maintaining of healthy weight. One study examined that those who consumed Green Tea combined with moderate exercise reduced significant abdominal fat than those who only did the moderate exercise. Experts thus suggest that Green Tea should not be to ‘lose weight’ as such, but to burn excess body fat and may increase muscle using a combination of regular healthy eating, weights and exercise.

Green Tea also gives you that extra boost to help you get through the day – providing the “get up and go” push needed when trying to lose weight or exercise.As part of your healthy lifestyle; green tea can be a welcome addition for staying in shape.

2. Can Improve Digestion and Regulate Blood Sugar

It’s a tradition in China and Japan to consume Green Tea after a meal. This habit can help regulate blood sugar and can even help avoid the blood sugar spikes after heavy meals. It should be better to know what the best time to drink green tea. The warmth and soothing effect of Green Tea can boost your digestion and can make for an ideal “dessert” to enjoy after food.

3. Might Get Gorgeous Skin!

The aforementioned powerful antioxidants found in green tea that keeps you internally fir can also make you externally beautiful! Green tea may be known to fight off wrinkles, dullness and mild skin inflammation by protecting the body from free radicals, which can age and damage the skin. It may also found to be effective when applied directly to the skin externally, in form of facemasks and scrubs.

4. May be good for Immune System and Protect Heart

Recent studies have suggested that drinking green tea may help strengthen and support our body’s blood vessels, which can be a big assist in supporting heart and circulatory health. This is due to flavonoids content of the green tea. The catechins in Green Tea assist in combating inflammation thus support and regulate immune system. Drinking green tea, however, should not replace medical treatments but only be seen as a supportive lifestyle habit.

It’s your go-to Happy Drink!

Nutrients in green tea, when considered along with its caffeine content, may help to improve alertness and concentration – perfect for those long hours of work or hours of study as a student. It can save you from a drowsy afternoon. Green Tea might be known to increase body’s dopamine content, also known as the “feel good” chemical.

So with all these amazing benefits, which Green Tea should you decide to drink? Quite simply, ones you like! You will find a range of Natural Green Teas online, so try them and stock up those you enjoy the most to make tea drinking a part of your healthy lifestyle.

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