Explore the Taste of 4 Teas in 1 Pack

Green Tea is an all time favourite beverage – for weight watchers, caffeine sippers, readers, tea lovers, connoisseurs, the late nighters, all alike ! But let’s face it, it does get a little boring at times. Want to perk up the green tea experience a bit? Pick yourself a 4-in-1 pack by TE-A-ME. It comes with 4 different flavours of green tea, you are sure to love it.

Green Tea: The classic of all. It never gets old and it is always around to perk up your afternoons, snack times and gossips with friends. It is perfect, coming in handy with most snacks, sweets and pastries. Spicy food? Run it down with warm green tea.

Tulsi Green Tea: Tulsi has been revered as a medicinal herb for thousands of years now in ayurveda and other alternative medicines. But apart from the numerous health benefits it brings, it truly perks up your good old green tea. Subtle yet delicious, this herb of tulsi smells delightful in your green tea. Tulsi green tea is sure to make you fall in love!

Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea: Enriched with spices of cardamom and cinnamon, Kashmiri kahwa green tea is a flavour filled twist on your all time favourite beverage. The spices are packed with anti oxidants and have a warming effect on your body. Cold season coming in? We suggest you prepare and stock up on these goodies!

Honey Lemon Green Tea: Honey and lemon both help enhance your digestive system. With goodness of green teas, this becomes a power packed beverage for a healthy gut. Honey lemon is one of the most popular green tea flavours out there. Zesty yet mellow and sweet, this combo will keep you coming for more!

Green tea is perfect beverage for your weight loss regime. It helps increase your metabolic rate and improves digestion, especially those heavy oily meals that you dread yet love! Green tea is also known to protect heart health, although it is not yet fully proven. All in all, green tea is here to stay, with so many amazing tastes and twists.

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