Everything You Need to Know About Iced Tea

Summer time? We all love the good old Iced Tea. But a beverage this lovely doesn’t need to be confined to a season. We all have at least one phase in a day that could do with a thirst quenching, satisfying sweetness of iced tea – that pumps energy and helps us get back to the grind. Lo and behold, iced tea! TE-AME brings you Ice Brews – tea bags that can be brewed in cold water! Have you tried them yet?

Ice Brews Tea Online

With the perpetual lockdowns so far and a probability of covid-19 third wave in the future, perking up the time at home has gain fair importance. The Work-From-Home set up (lets face it, we all miss going to office by now), balancing it with home chores along with perpetual, now, probably dreaded, presence of the loved ones – it can get a little old. But it’s not all bad. Positive shifts in the mood rather occur with minor changes – like wearing a great outfit, putting on your favourite pair of earrings, lighting a scented candle or brewing a tall cold glass of iced tea with a little umbrella on top! It rubs off on your family members too. Try brewing a tea a me ice brews for the family and watch the faces light up!

Varieties of Iced Tea:

Iced tea comes in many many flavours. A versatile drink like this one is available in flavours as well as brewing methods. Wild berry, lemon, peach, mint, lychee being some of the favourite ones. Iced teas can be brewed out of green tea, black tea or even from caffeine free infusions. Iced tea also got some surprising ingredients like flowers of hibiscus, marigold, rose petals that bring natural flavours of sweet and tart to the brew. A much better alternative to added sugars. In addition, there is a wide range of recipes you can try out with iced teas, both alcoholic and non alcoholic. Add a little bit of chopped fruit, syrups, vodka, gin, or experiment with fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme, basil. The varieties of iced teas are as many as your imagination can take you!

Types of Iced Tea:

Markets, lately, got iced teas that are in many forms. Be it powered that can be directly dissolved in water, concentrated syrups, loose leaf that you brew hot and then ice it and cold brew tea bags. Cold brew is a process whereby tea is left to brew in cold water, traditionally over night. The slow release of flavour and caffeine gives a sweet yet strong taste to your tea. TE-A-ME Ice Brews comes in a form of pyramid, staple free tea bags that need just 3-4 minutes in cold water to start releasing colour and flavour. You will love it! It comes in black tea, green tea and even caffeine free ice brews. TE-AME ICE Brews got an edge over other forms of iced teas, as it is naturally sweet and you can easily replace your sugary, aerated sodas or iced teas, if you are looking for healthy alternatives.

We suggest you give this one a fair shot!


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