Enjoy Benefits of Green Tea in a Well Designed Tin Container

Benefits of Green Tea have been long popular, may be for thousands of years. Today many new reports suggest health benefits of Green Tea. The primary reason for so many health benefits Green Tea offers is attributed to the fact that green tea is high in antioxidants (polyphenols), theanine, amino acids, ECGC & catechins.

Green tea is made from plant called Camellia Sinensis. It is comparatively less processed. A loose leaf tea in a tight container is sure to bring you more benefits. As loose leaf retains the originality of the tea. In addition, green tea is processed minimally. TE-A-ME brings loose leaf green tea in a beautiful tin that you can easily buy online. Here are some health benefits of drinking loose leaf green tea regularly:

1. Might Maintain Healthy Weight:

One of the more popular and much accrued health benefit of drinking green tea is increased metabolism and maybe leading to maintaining of healthy weight. One study examined that those who consumed Green Tea combined with moderate exercise reduced significant abdominal fat than those who only did the moderate exercise. In addition, brewing & drinking loose leaf Green Tea gives you that extra energy & lightness to help you push through the day – providing the extra push needed when trying to lose weight or exercise.

2. May Improve Skin & Hair Quality:

The powerful antioxidants found in loose leaf green tea that may keep you internally fit can also make you externally beautiful! Green tea is known to fight off wrinkles, dullness and mild skin inflammation by protecting the body from free radicals, which can age and damage the skin. It has also has also been found to be effective when applied directly to the skin externally, in form of face masks and scrubs. EGCG in green tea may help in promoting hair growth. Green tea may play a significant role in keeping hair healthy. The anti-inflammatory properties of green tea may be helpful in preventing hair loss and promote regeneration of hair.

3. Might Improve Digestion:

It’s a tradition in China and Japan to consume Green Tea after a meal. This habit can help regulate blood sugar and can even help avoid the blood sugar spikes after heavy meals. The warmth and soothing effect of Green Tea can boost your digestion and can make for an ideal “dessert” to enjoy after food.

4. May Regulate Blood Sugar:

Green Tea may be able to help manage blood sugar levels. According to a review, regular consumption of green tea is associated with decreased fasting glucose levels, A1C levels, reduced fasting insulin levels, which are indicators of diabetes health.

5. Good for Immune System:

Many beneficial compounds found in green tea are known to have a powerful ability to increase the number of “regulatory T cells” – which help in boosting immune function. This may help in supporting immune mechanisms in the body.

6. May Protect Heart:

Recent studies have suggested that drinking green tea may help strengthen and support our body’s blood vessels, which may be a big assistance in supporting heart and circulatory health. This is due to flavonoids content of the green tea. Drinking green tea, should not replace medical treatments but only be seen as enhancing lifestyle habit.

Nutrients in green tea, when considered along with its caffeine content, can help improve alertness and concentration – perfect for those long hours of work or hours of study as a student. It can save you from a drowsy afternoon. Green Tea is known to increase body’s dopamine content, also known as the “feel good” chemical. So with all these amazing benefits, Green Tea Tin container is the best pick! You will find a range of Green Tea tins online, so try them and stock up those you enjoy the most to make tea drinking a part of your healthy lifestyle.

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