Activities You can Enjoy While Having Ice Brews

Teas, Infusions & Ice Teas make for best companions. There’s hardly any activity that you love & enjoy for your leisure times, that may not pair well with the beloved beverage of Tea. Reading, shopping, binging on shows, chilling with friends, working out, travelling, cleaning up, cooking, working, conferences, winding down, paintings, watching the sun rise, listening to music. Ice brews in particular are perfect mates for hot summer activities or sweaty activities, maybe activities that heat you up mentally! All in all, there’s a tea for every occasion. Here is our take on what activities you can undertake with a sipper full of iced tea:

1. Work Out!

Sweat it out and get in shape with a sipper full of iced tea. Gym or running, a bottle filled up with ice tea gives you extra caffeine but doesn’t make you jittery. It pumps you up and lifts you up. It is refreshing as it is delicious. The best part? TE-A-ME Ice brew is the healthiest Ice Tea out there with no added sugars. With its all natural ingredients, ice brews can truly enhance an already healthful activity for you!

2. Sunny Afternoon

We all dread overhead suns. Be it any season, the afternoons in a tropical country can get heated and humid. The general restlessness is also followed by the afternoon slump, all the more if you are a morning person. To add to it, if you have had a heavy meal at lunch time, you sure need a perfect pick-me-up. Enters TE-A-ME Ice Brews! It not only helps you on the much needed caffeine kick in the slump of the noon, but it also refreshes and nourishes you. Bring on the icy water and all you need to do is dunk in the tea bags!

3. Sunday Outings

Love stepping out on Sundays? Be it museums, a trek, the zoo or shopping. One activity that you can enjoy while sipping on our iced tea is your quintessential Sunday outing. With the free sipper on multi pack, you don’t have to worry about spillage. Just grab a bottle of cold water and enjoy any activity of your choice on your weekend and don’t fret over calories, sodas or hydration. We got your back!

4. Movie Night with Pizzas

Plan to roll out on your series? LOTR? Binge watching Netflix? Renting a new movie? Having friends over for a football match? IPL? Order your favourite pizzas and ditch the sugary sodas that come with it. Treat yourself to some delicious cold brew. You can experiment with it using sparkling water, some rum or gin, make a cocktail of your choice, add in real fruit, go wild! We promise you, iced brews won’t disappoint and its fruity flavours pair truly well with pizzas!

5. Office Hours

Running between zoom calls, meetings, conferences and deadlines? We recommend you grab yourself a sipper to accompany you to your daily deals! Its quick, it’s handy and it’s healthy. TE-A-ME Ice Brews have all natural ingredients with black or green tea and caffeine free options too! It will keep you alert, active and on your best game. You may even start enjoying your office work when you feel refreshed and happy all the time!


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