6 Times We can Enjoy Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea

Green tea does not require a perfect occasion. Anytime & any place is the general formula. Kashmiri Kahwa green tea comes with added magic – the aroma, spices, warmth. This can be more enjoyed in more relevant scenarios – just so you make the best of its benefits & aesthetics! Here are some occasions you can enjoy kashmiri kahwa tea in:

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1. Winter Months: Kashmiri Kahwa tea originates in cold valleys of kashmir. It is thus the perfect green tea to keep you warm in a winter month. The varieties of spices are known to maintain your body warmth by increasing your natural metabolism. The chilly biting cold mornings are eased up by triggering the functions of internal mechanisms of body.

2. Rainy Day: Kashmiri Kahwa tea is a combination of ingredients that are bursting with flavours. They will instantly lighten up a grey skied, cloudy gloomy day and clear the heavy seasonal brain fog. Cloves & Cinnamon in kashmiri kahwa tea are known to be excellent in boosting immunity and therefore highly beneficial for enjoying a flu & virus free rainy season. The warm cup of well-balanced ingredients in a kashmiri kahwa tea bags, that you can easily buy online are likely to improve your digestion and metabolism for the season.

3. During Flu Season: Cardamom in Kashmiri Kahwa is loaded with antioxidants. It helps in relieving colds and cough and certain respiratory discomforts. While green tea is anti-inflammatory which may help combat cold, and is especially effective for dry and painful cough. The warmth of the cloves in this infusion will keep joints from getting stiff during winters.

4. Travelling to Cold Places: We all know the pangs of travelling to a new place with sudden weather change – especially in cold mountains. Carry kashmiri kahwa tea bags along as a perfect companion to warm you through the vacation so you can enjoy your travels sniffle free!

5. Exam Months: Exams invariably are held close to winter months. This makes studying until late at night or waking up early morning a little more challenging than it otherwise is. A warm cup of kashmiri kahwa tea, especially kashmiri kahwa tea bags that you can brew quickly, go a long long way in helping you stay not only warm but also alert & awake!

6. Bonding with Elders in Family: We all experience the difficulty in getting along with the older generations & the senior citizens in our families. Their set of problems include joint pains and may be a tussle with their daughter in laws. Bond over a hot cup of Kahmiri Kahwa tea that will be incredibly useful for relieving their stiff joints and the conversations that a cup of warm green tea will trigger may lessen some mental burden that old age brings with it! The elderly in your home will look forward to this one, we promise you!

Buy Kashmiri Kahwa tea online and we hope you will look forward to enjoying the good times with such a healthful companion in your tea cups!

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