How the Orange Peel in Your Tea can Benefit You

How the Orange Peel in Your Tea can Benefit You

Power packed teas are a current favourite trend – the varied anti oxidants paired delicious flavours are a new talk of the town. Orange peel has emerged a new variant with plentiful of benefits and a fantabulous kick on the taste buds. Not only the great taste, but also an amazing support to health, who knew the good old orange peel could double up to such goodness! Here are some benefits orange peel in your tea can bring you:

1. Improved Digestion:

Orange peel in your tea has pectin, a substance known to clear bowel. If you suffer from constipation, try this remedy as a natural buffer to prevent it. Orange peel may also improve overall digestive health and fight acidity and heartburn. One single cup may also prove to be a good enough relief ! Heavy meal? Follow it up by a orange peel infused tea. Just had your favourite greasy burger? Grab yourself a orange ginger infusion – where both ingredients – orange peel & ginger prove extremely beneficial for digestion.

2. May Regulate Blood Sugar

If you suffer from blood sugar spikes, try adding a cup with orange peel tea after a meal. This may not be a complete remedy, however, will help regulate the immediate spike post meals. It may also help you decrease sugar cravings. Those with medical condition must remember that these tips do not replace medical treatments but just add up as a small lifestyle change that supports your body to fight your condition.

3. Weight Loss Companion:

The citrusy magic of orange peel in your tea will help increase metabolism, thus improve breakdown of food & digestion, and be your amazing weight loss companion. This is the most amazing benefit of orange peel in your tea, as it tastes great as well as pumps your metabolism. Try it out for yourself!

4. Goodbye Wrinkles:

Vitamin C in orange peels may enhance collagen production in your body. As we age, the amount of collagen in our body decreases. This leads to wrinkles and signs of ageing. Increased intake of collagen from fruits and supplements may prove beneficial to slow down the signs of ageing. Try TE-A-ME Orange Ginger, that contains 100% natural orange peels in the infusion. A small lifestyle change, done regularly, can make difference in appearance in the long run.

5. Improves Respiratory Health:

Are you prone to that seasonal congestion? Prevention is better than cure, they say. Sip regularly on vitamin C rich beverages, and teas with orange peel will be power packed with vitamin C. Some say the orange peel contains more vitamins than the fruit itself.

Add this delicious ingredient to your daily beverage and experience the fresh zest of the vitamin C rich fruit. There are many flavours of tea with orange peel available in the market. TE-A-ME offers Orange Ginger infusion Tea as one of its fine caffeine-free infusions. The convenience of tea bags are an added bonus, for it is tedious to brew orange peel infusions each time you crave one. The ready blend of tea bags by TE-A-ME contains 100% natural ingredients of fine quality.

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