Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea with Honey and Lemon

Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea with Honey and Lemon

Honey Lemon Green Tea has emerged as a popular flavour but drinking green tea paired with honey and lemon comes with myriads of health benefits. Honey and lemon are power houses of anti oxidants and disease fighting properties. Green tea comes with catechins and weight loss benefits. Here are some benefits of drinking green tea with lemon and honey:

1. Heart Health:

Green tea is a great supplement for those with history of issues with heart health. It is known to control cholesterol levels. Lemon juice is known to suppress inflammation and improve the function of blood vessels. Lemon may also help control cholesterol levels. Apart from balanced diet & exercise, the combination of honey lemon green tea may support your effort for a healthy lifestyle.

2. Improves Brain Function:

Caffeine in green tea is known to enhance alertness and focus. The sweetness of honey in green tea with lemon and honey give the perfect sugar required for brain to function at optimal levels without adding up on calories.

3. Fights Cough & Cold:

The warm cup that makes you cozy during flu also doubles up as nourishing and bacteria fighting concoction. Honey may have natural antiseptic, antiviral and anti bacterial properties where are green tea may help de congest. Lemon’s vitamin C strengthens immunity but should be skipped when the throat is irritated.

4. Boosts Oral Health:

Green tea contains substances that strengthens teeth. Honey has anti microbial properties that prevents growth of bacteria and thus, bad breath. Lemon may prevent deposition of food in teeth cavities. Thus, green tea with lemon and honey may prove to be a fantastic potion for oral health.

5. Improve Digestion:

Green tea is known to improve digestion. Honey soothes the stomach lining and lemon juice provides perfect acidic properties to your guts for improving and enhancing digestion. The trio is a drink, such that your guts are sure to thank you. Try consuming green tea with honey and lemon everyday to improve your digestion if indigestion is a regular trouble you battle with.

6. Get that Glowing Skin:

When guts are clear, it shows on the face. Radiant skin is a sign of well balanced and well functioning inner bodily functions. Improved digestion with lemon and green tea helps clear the muck. Drinking honey in warm tea decreases inflammation that may cause uncomfortable break outs.

7. Weight Loss:

Green tea with honey and lemon is a perfect potion for weight loss, if you are aiming for it. Along with diet and exercise, a daily cup of green tea with honey and lemon can kick start your metabolism. Lemon and honey are known to melt away the extra fat cells and green tea is known to aid digestion. The drink is also perfect for pre workout pump-me-up or post workout recharge, without adding on too much to your calorie intake.

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