Is Iced Tea is Good for Kids?

Tea as Adults

A cup of tea has become an essential part in an adult’s life. Break time? A cup of tea. Long day? A strong cup of tea. Catching up with an old friend? A light cup of tea. “Tea” comes from camelia sinensis plant. Tea is a good source of natural caffeine. Consumed in many forms like hot, cold brewed, iced tea and even food preparations. If tea is such an essential part of adult lives, could it be a part of children’s lives too? With increasing popularity of cold drinks and soda among younger generation, adults often have this question, is iced tea good for kids?

Tea & Children

Experts suggest that it is not ideal to offer tea to children below 6 years of age. Simple reason being its caffeine content. The response to caffeine is different with different body types. Tea is a stimulant, and just like sugar and other junk foods, it may also induce dependency. In addition, consuming tea below a certain age might hamper calcium absorption in growing children. Tea is not required by children, the way adults needs it. Thus, the more we can delay giving children tea, the better it is.


Having said that, TE-A-ME Ice Brews have two flavours that are caffeine free – Wild Berry Ice Brew and Lychee Ice Brew. TE-A-ME Ice Brews are made with all natural ingredients, and the caffeine free ice brews are refreshing and delicious. These ice brews may be given to children above 5 years of age, in limited quantities.

To conclude, it is best to stick to caffeine free drinks for children. However, while keeping a watch out for signs of jitteriness or restlessness, it’s not too bad to be sharing small quantity of iced tea with your children every now and then, as nothing should be completely off limits. It is only important to ensure it is not a regular practice.


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