5 Green Tea with Mint, Lemon and Ginger Benefits

5 Green Tea with Mint, Lemon and Ginger Benefits

Green Tea is now a widely accepted health potion. With added benefits of mint leaves, the potion gets a notch up in its potency. A minty cup of green tea is perfect to wind you down after a long day of sweat and toil – like a fresh cool breeze. Here are some benefits you will accrue from mint green tea:

1. Antioxidants Supply

Green Tea is rich in catechins – which are antioxidants found very rarely in any other substance. Antioxidants neutralise the harmful effects of free radicals and protects body from oxidative state – that which is responsible for disease and ageing. These antioxidants also help you with better quality skin, reduced wrinkles, and overall vitality.

2. Weight Loss

Green Tea is known to increase metabolism. The caffeine and catechins it contains have been shown to boost fat burning. Studies indicate that consuming green tea may help burn an additional 80–100 calories per day!! Mint is known to improve digestion. What combo could be better than this one if you are to find a weight loss companion in a tea cup? Stock up on mint green tea if you are to set on a delicious weight loss journey.

3. Ditch the Stress

Mint is known for its calming effect. If you are someone who can easily get worked up in situations, try mint green tea. The green tea hits you with just the right amount of caffeine – aka extra energy – and the mint will calm your nerves simultaneously. In addition, green tea is rich in theanine. Many people take theanine supplements to alleviate anxiety and reduce stress. What a stress busting combo, we say!

4. Healthy Guts

Mint can help you with indigestion, stomach acids, nausea, loss of appetite. It also has anti bacterial properties that can stave off any minor stomach infection. Green tea contains polyphenols that may help improve digestion and regular consumption of mint green tea can help your body break down food more effectively.

5. Beat Congestion

During flu season, most of us suffer stuffy nose or chest congestion. Although mint should not be taken as replacement for medicines, but to a large extent, peppermint is known to clear out nasal congestion. In addition, for those with allergies due to pollen or dust can also find relief in a cup of a warm minty green tea. So stock up a good load of mint green tea online for the next season!

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