5 Lemongrass Tea Recipes for You

The soothing Lemongrass Tea is said to have numerous benefits. Combining with other ingredients, the Tea can be consumed in various forms and flavors.

Lemongrass tea recipe: with Dried Lemongrass

  • You can either sun dry the lemongrass for storage or dry them in the oven. They are done when they crumble at your touch.
  • Dried lemongrass can also be procured from the market if and when fresh ones are not available.
  • Recipe: To prepare the tea, keep 1-2 leaves in a tea cup, infuser or tea pot. Pour boiled water over it, and let it steep for 2-4 minutes..
    Add a choice of sweetener, if required.
    Strain and serve

Lemongrass Tea Recipe : with fresh Lemongrass

  • Recipe 1: Take the required quantity of the lemongrass blades and tie tight knots through its length.
    This method is advised, as opposed to chopping, as it enables the natural lemongrass oils to ooze out. Place this in a tea cup, tea pot or vessel. Add crushed ginger. Pour boiled water over it. Steep for 2 minutes, stain and serve.
    This can also be used in Thai soup preparation.
  • Recipe 2: Add chopped lemongrass, crushed mint leaves, tulsi leaves and jaggery to boiling water. Boil for 2 minutes, strain and serve.

Lemongrass Tea Recipe : With Lemongrass powder

  • Recipe 1: widely available in markets, this Lemongrass powder can simply be boiled in water as per portion sizes and served.
  • Recipe 2: combine lemongrass powder with Tea powder in boiling water. Boil for 2 minutes. Add sugar, strain and serve.
  • Recipe 3: Boil water, add ? tsp lemongrass powder, half inch freshly crushed ginger, 1 clove. Boil for 1 minute, strain and serve

Lemongrass extracts/concentrates:

  • This is available in concentrated form or oils in pharmaceuticals and supermarkets. A couple of drops can be added to prepare hot teas, soups and Asian culinary preparations.

Lemongrass Tea Bags: