TE-A-ME Launched 3 New Varieties of Healthy Green Teas!

TE-A-ME Teas launched delicious range of wellness green tea infusions. With Ashwagandha Green Tea, Moringa Green Tea & Kadha Green Tea, you can now de stress & strengthen yourself internally with natural green tea leaves and the myriads of ingredients across these teas like Ashwagandha, Licorice Root, Tulsi, Ginger, Turmeric, Moringa, Amla, Brahmi, Rock Salt, Triphala & much more! Renew your body’s infection fighting capacity with this balanced blend, with an age-old recipe to up your Immunity game and add vitality to your body. Present day alternative medicinal systems use these chosen ingredients for their healing & soothing properties, thanks to its “adaptogenic” properties that aid immunity, calms over active brain, and help the body resist physical & mental stress. All this in the convenience of tea bags! Isn’t that amazing?

These extraordinary blends of herbs along with Green Tea enjoys great popularity among health enthusiasts, rightly so for the healthful & vast stress busting benefits, both necessary in the fast modern age. Our newly launched teas teas are strikingly delicious, despite the medicinal herbal contents, creating a completely new taste experience. TE-A-ME Green Tea of Ashwagandha, Moringa & Kadha has a price that is affordable without any compromise on taste – you will rightly experience how its fine ingredients & Green Tea, and other fragrant ingredients & spices create magic in your tea cups! The new flavours come in the pack of 25 Green Tea Bags which are individually wrapped for freshness and potability. Buy your Ashwagandha, Moringa & Kadha Green Tea online and experience stress busting craft in your tea cup.

TE-A-ME Green Teas are made from the fresh ingredients of vital herbs & green tea leaves, carefully blended for that perfect, delicious & flavourful cup for your aaha moment at the end of the long tiring day. Leave behind the habit getting rilled up when life doesn’t go as planned – brew yourself a cup of Ashwagandha, Moringa or Kadha Green Tea & think it through mindfully! Find your daily support system in ancient traditions, recipes & lifestyle. Here’s our attempt to make that easier for you – all that goodness packed inside a tea bag! Our Teas are free from sugary additives and has no preservatives or artificial flavouring. Get hassle free home delivery & online payments during the pressing hours & also dodge the summertime heat. Our Natural blend of Green Teas have multitudes of vital herbs – just what your body needs for keeping up with the fast paced stressful life – that which is inevitable & unavoidable in the modern age.

The New Launch of TE-A-ME’s Ashwagandha Green Tea’s benefits are many, largely due to presence of multitudes of herbs in it. A daily cup of may make you feel relaxed, calm your nerves and relieve your stress, at the same time keep you alert and active. Regular consumption of Ashwagandha with Green Tea may help reduce symptoms of mental health conditions as a supportive (but not substitute) remedy for anxiety & depression.

TE-A-ME’s Moringa Green Tea may have multiple medicinal & recreational values. The smooth and delicate blend of its ingredients give a subtle balance of herbal flavours to your cup and makes for a refreshing soothing drink. TE-A-ME’s Moringa Green Tea bags are simple to brew – just add hot water !

TE-A-ME Kadha Green Tea makes for a fragrant, exotic, strong, healthful infusion that highlights green tea, warm spices and their unbeatably fine fragrances. The relaxing aroma of Tulsi along with salty notes will leave you in awe for this infusion and keep you coming for more.This exquisite green tea Kadha blend makes for a profile that is teeming with goodness – have your mind delighted & body revived. You may also note how the multiplicity in flavours & ingredients unfolds its magic. It is a cup of good health with gentle balance of pepper, cloves, ginger, asafoetida, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg. The taste is refreshing, mellow yet spicy.


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