Chamomile Infusion Tea May help with Restless Sleep Syndrome or Insomnia

Consumed for centuries as a natural remedy for sleeplessness, Chamomile flowers have been dried and drunk as tea throughout the ages and spaces. The infusion makes for an excellent caffeine-free alternative and is popular for its earthy, sweet taste.

Among all the different varieties of chamomile, Egyptian Chamomile is the queen of relaxing herbs. It works a sleep aid; the benefits of chamomile are derived through its antispasmodic properties, helping to relax muscular and nervous tension. It helps those with insomnia, anxiety and comes in handy for the restless.

Chamomile is a versatile infusion and can be had on many occasions: Overloaded with work? Have cold? Allergies? Stressed out? Can’t sleep? Brew yourself a warm cup of infusion, experience the delightful floral fragrance and see your troubles much more manageable while you sip this magical brew. Its is simplicity in a cup, its flavour profile and warm, earthy, floral experience is unmatched in the world of tisanes. Chamomile produces a gorgeous deep-yellow cup and it is caffeine-free!

However, there’s a catch. Many chamomiles in the market come as “chamomile green tea”. If the end goal is to sleep better, the green tea leaves in the chamomile have to be avoided. Chamomile blended with any form of camellia sinensis leaves will not enhance your sleep but disturb it! While making the purchases, one has to be mindful of this detail. To get the right kind of chamomile tea, looking at labels can help. Avoid the blends with green or black tea. Other forms of caffeine free flowers or flavourings are acceptable. Try going for labels lwith the term “infusion”, which implies absence of tea leaves. Only source from experts. TE-A-ME Chamomile infusion is made using 100% Egyptian Chamomile flowers.

The benefits of drinking chamomile tea with 100% chamomile flowers are:

1. Unwind & Relax: Chamomile helps in post exercise or menstrual cramps. Body aches and pains due to long hours of study or office work may also be relieved with regular consumption of Chamomile tea at the end of the day. You may also combine chamomile tea in a bedtime routine – shower, light a candle, pick a book, turn of electronic gadgets and sip on a delicious chamomile tea for your perfect me-time.

2. Restfulness: Helps those struggling with mild insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, stress. With fast paced stressful lives, Chamomile also comes in handy in managing restlessness, anxiety and a mild insomnia. It is also known to help with jet lags and soothe period cramps. All in all, chamomile is a comfort drink, especially those dealing with restlessness. Sleep quality will be improved with a regular cup of TEAME chamomile tea.

3. Sleep & Rest During Flu: Struggling with seasonal cough & cold? Brew some chamomile tea, it helps you breathe better and relaxes stressed facial and nasal muscles. Chamomile may also help with relief from season allergies. Warm cup of chamomile is like a hug in a tea cup that soothes the restlessness during flu. This helps you sleep better and restfully when sick.

4. Sleep when Suffering Inflammation: Chamomile tea helps and supports body while it fights other external infections and helps control the side effects like inflammation. Inflammation also causes aches and pains, joint discomforts. All of which may be relieved if chamomile is a usual part of the routine. However, chamomile alone does not provide any medical relief. However, during inflammation, be sure to sleep well with a cup of chamomile.


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