Benefits of Tulsi Green Tea and Honey Lemon Green Tea

Nature has provided for enough ingredients that can help us enhance our health and wellness. With least or minimal side effects, the herbal ingredients and natural remedies work over a period of time. Thus, much of it encourages you to make lifestyles changes and incorporate habits, instead of looking for one spot solutions. But how? Some ways look like yoga, fitness, clean diet and hydration. A habit of regularly drink a good natural beverage, instead of sugary drinks and caffeine loaded shots, can help improving general health and wellness. During the pandemic, a great immunity is a must. Much like prevention is better than cure, building good immunity is the first line of defence against the hungry virus. Switch your sugary caffeinated beverage with healthfulness of green teas.

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5 Mind Blowing Green Tea Flavours by TE-A-ME to Keep you Happy and Healthy

kashmiri kahwa green tea

Green tea can be almost called as staple beverage with its rising popularity. Most importantly, the diversity in comes in, ends up catering to a variety of tea drinkers. From health freaks to students, from working professionals or home makers, green tea caters to the specific beverage requirements of them all. It sure keeps you happy and healthy! Here are 5 amazing green tea flavours by TE-A-ME that will blow your mind!

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Everything You Need to Know About Iced Tea

Ice Brews Tea Online

Summer time? We all love the good old Iced Tea. But a beverage this lovely doesn’t need to be confined to a season. We all have at least one phase in a day that could do with a thirst quenching, satisfying sweetness of iced tea – that pumps energy and helps us get back to the grind. Lo and behold, iced tea! TE-AME brings you Ice Brews – tea bags that can be brewed in cold water! Have you tried them yet?

Ice Brews Tea Online
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Orange Ginger Infusion Tea Might Protect You from Cold & Cough

Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea

While there’s a huge fan following for green tea and herbal infusions, the fruit & flower infusions are turning heads lately. Much of it is attributed to its caffeine free properties in addition to imparting freshness with a fruity zing. Orange ginger tea is one such infusion that is gaining popularity. Not so much a mainstream beverage yet, however, might we remind you of some orange peel and ginger tea benefits here:

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