Tea Varieties with Higher Caffeine Content and How it can Help You

Green and Black Tea High in Caffeine

The most satisfying few minutes after waking up is watching the sunrise and a cup of refreshing tea. It is probably the integral part of many people’e mornings. Its one energising yet simplest rituals of the day. The best part? It’s a preparation that takes about few minutes but readies you for the longest most arduous days. Some find coffee too acidic for an early morning empty stomach beverage. Many break a sweat or two and others get jittery with consumption of coffee.

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Kick Start Your Mornings with 7 Variants of TE-A-ME’s Best Picks

Mornings are determinants of the day. How you start your mornings makes truck load of difference on the quality of your day. An energy filled morning vs a groggy morning – its obvious which one would you pick. If you are a tea person, then you are just one brew away from a fantastic morning – for we have some amazing picks that will kick start your morning routine:

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7 Best Benefit of Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea

Kahwa Tea Online

A hot cup of tea is probably the most dynamic beverage – absolutely fit for any occasion, at any time of the day. You’d seldom meet anyone who doesn’t enjoy a flavourful, aromatic steaming cup of tea. It’s a universal fix for a bad day, a foul mood, a mild flu or a stressful event. One such aromatic yet potent blend that comes to mind is Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea. That’s right, Kashmiri Kahwa benefits are many – its surprising how the flavours and ingredients can blend into a rhythmic form that is so highly delicious and healthful. A cup full will bring you the whiff and aroma of various spices, nuts, green tea, saffron that is used to prepare Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea. Here what the magic potion can do for you:

Kahwa Tea Online
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5 Best Variants of Teame Black Teas

black tea online

Black tea is one of the popular & celebrated teas in the world. It is made by roasting Camellia Sinensis leaves. The leaves are oxidised for longer period of time, making a darker leaf and cup. Its taste could be described as strong, brisk and astringent – the much loved in India. It is a tea that goes well with milk, honey or sugar, in addition to ginger spice & cardamom. The tea is blended in many permutations. Here are some popular varieties:

black tea online
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