5 Mind Blowing Green Tea Flavours by TE-A-ME to Keep you Happy and Healthy

Green tea can be almost called as staple beverage with its rising popularity. Most importantly, the diversity in comes in, ends up catering to a variety of tea drinkers. From health freaks to students, from working professionals or home makers, green tea caters to the specific beverage requirements of them all. It sure keeps you happy and healthy! Here are 5 amazing green tea flavours by TE-A-ME that will blow your mind!

1. Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea

kashmiri kahwa green tea

Popular in the cold hilly regions of Kashmir, this tea is blended to keep you warm and feeling fuzzy. How? Well the spices used in this tea are balanced beautifully with nuts, saffron, and of course, the green tea. It helps you stay up during cold winter months, or cold mornings, and even helps you digest all that fatty food that you crave during the winters. Try kashmiri kahwa green tea by teame. It comes in tea bags for your convenience as well as rich loose leaf for the tea aficionados.

2. Honey Lemon Green Tea

Honey Lemon Green Tea

A zing in your tea cup can bring a spring in your steps and a bling in your eyes! Honey lemon green tea by tea a me (aka TE-A-ME!) is the beloved, mainstream and all time favourite flavour with sweet flavour of honey and twist of lemon peels with grassy freshness of green tea. What more could you ask for during those twilights? Or the drowse of the afternoons? A complete package in itself, all it requires of you is hot water and your favourite tea cup – this green tea will take care of the rest of the magic.

3. Tulsi Green Tea

Tulsi Green Tea

Health, fitness, yoga, healthy food and a great beverage! Its the in-thing and also the essential one. Tulsi is revered for its goodness and medicinal properties. It has a calming and healing effect. What could be better if it comes ready with your green tea? Up your green tea’s benefits with Tulsi green tea by TE-A-ME. The freshness and the difference in your mood will be felt right at the first sip. Try it!

4. Mint Lemon Ginger Green Tea

Mint Lemon Ginger

There’s some combinations that are unexplored, rather remain the unchartered territories. But it is here where all the fun and magic lies! Teame green tea blenders came up with unique combination of mint, lemon and ginger flavour of green tea and we promise you that you are sure to fall in love with it with our Mint Lemon Ginger Green Tea. Especially if you enjoy trying new flavours. This unique combination is a minty warmth during cold days yet so delightful during the warm ones. Ginger being yet so powerful and filled with healthful benefits, this is delicious detox in your tea cup!

5. Jasmine Lemongrass Green Tea

Jasmine Lemongrass Green Tea

A flowery delight, much popular in south asian countries is a perfect green tea after meals or even during meals. If your meals are more on the lines of salty, less spicy and rich in flavour, jasmine lemongrass tea will compliment it just about right! This is also a lovely post meal drink that will aid your digestion and sooth you. The combination of jasmine and lemongrass makes this green tea a perfect go-to after a long eventful day and helps you wind down real quick! Try it!


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