Iced Tea vs Hot Tea: Which One is Better for Health?

Here’s to the most popular beverage, the talk of the town: tea! Made of camelia sinensis plants, the one bud and two leaves make for a versatile drink that takes so many forms, assumes so many flavours and yet retain all its benefits. Tea can be consumed hot or cold. In both its forms, it is incredible to note how different the same tea leaves can taste. But which one is better for health? Iced tea or hot tea? Well, it depends what benefit you are looking for:

Iced Tea

1. Antioxidants:

It’s a known fact that heating generally decreases the nutrient content of any food item. While talking of antioxidant content of tea, heating will have a slight effect on antioxidants. Cold brewing your tea, will substantially retain its anti-oxidation properties. Either go for ready cold brew tea bags or brew it yourself – infuse tea leaves, black or green overnight in water at room temperature. In addition, if retaining antioxidant is your priority, we suggest cold brew the green tea leaves as green tea is less subjected to heat and roasting as opposed to black tea.

2. Weight Loss:

If weight loss is the benefit you are looking for from tea as a beverage, it is best to brew yourself warm cup of tea, instead of cold. To start with, a warm beverage will always up your digestion and may help you break down fat faster. Warm tea is also a great substitute for desserts after meals. The Japanese drink their green tea warm along with their meals. Warm teas also taste better without sugar as opposed to iced tea which call for some sort of sweetening syrups. So go ahead and explore all your options of warm teas if you’re a weight watcher.

3. Hydration:

Does your outdoor activity gets you overly thirsty? Running, gymming or hiking, the summer season? We suggest you specifically chose the iced tea for obvious reasons. The cold tea not only helps you with hydration but also give you much needed caffeine boost that perk up your energy outdoors. In addition, the iced tea also helps bring down the body temperature, giving you a cooling feeling inside out.

4. Pick Any!

Love tea? Just go ahead and have fun experimenting. Although your nutrients are more intact when the tea is brewed cold, but warm tea has a different charm and is relevant in its own time and place.


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