Green Tea & Exercise: A Perfect Weight Loss Strategy

Green Tea & Exercise: A Perfect Weight Loss Strategy

From all powerful antioxidants to energy boosting amino acids, Green Tea has been an all weather friend to health freaks and fitness lovers. On the spectrum of superfoods, green tea has always been a universal favourite, hasn’t it?

The warm steaming cup, invigorating aroma & comforting flavours go a long way in making green tea a versatile beverage. Versatile in context of weight loss for that seems to be the primary concern in modern day lifestyle. Here are some insights on why green tea is your perfect bff on the weight loss journey:

1. Green Tea may Help you Curb Appetite:

Green Tea’s taste texture gives you a feeling of satiation. Many people suggest it as appetite suppressant. Snack time may be replaced by a cup of flavoured green tea and some nuts to go with it.

2. Green Tea, a Perfect Energy Drink

Ditch the sugary and high calorie energy drink. We also suggest you ditch the highly caffeinated energy boosters. There is potential for green tea to become a perfect gym time companion. This perk is courtesy of an amino acid called L-Theanine, which is responsible for the energy boost we receive from green tea. Ice it and carry it along. Or drink a warm cup before you head out for the work out – pump it up!

3. Healthy Heart aid Better Work Outs

Green Tea may known to improve blood vessels ability to expand & increase blood flow. Sounds useful for good endurance or HIIT work out? Well, green tea may help reduce cholesterol and regulate blood pressure – although this should be taken at face value for it still needs more research to solidly back it up

4. Calorie Free Beverage

Green Tea contains almost zero calories, when consumed unsweetened. You can easily ditch the sugary beverages and replace it with a plethora of green tea flavours that you can reach out for any time you are in a mood for a fine beverage. Thanks to its popularity, now we find many flavours of green tea online and offline. Suite yourself to good health!

5. Green Tea May Good for Metabolism

Break down the fat quicker with a beverage that is fairly known for its ability to help you increase metabolism. Results? Better fat loss in lesser time. A cup of green tea post heavy meal may help you convert food into useful energy a bit faster and also relieve feeling of post meal heaviness. Few people experience breaking a sweat or two. Now you know why! If nothing, only the fact that green tea is consumed warm, helps you pump up your digestive juices. Drink it up!

Pick up any flavour you like. Sencha, matcha, jasmine, lemon ginger or anything that will keep you sticking to your routine. Many flavours are available of green tea online as well as offline. Pick up a bottle full of green tea on your next visit to the gymnasium and let us know how you felt!

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