5 Reasons for Drinking Tea During Winter

Winter times don’t ask for “reasons” for drinking tea – much of it is a given. Hot tea & cold winter is a vibe. However, you may be accruing a lot of benefits each time you indulge in a cup. Tea lover or not, this winter companion turns dearly beloved for all during the winter season. Here are some benefits of drinking tea in winter:

1. May Goodbye Runny Nose:

Unfortunately, winter is likened to flue season. In addition to cold weather, it may also be due to the influx of festivities & exposure to people. But if you keep your body constantly warm, the germs are unlikely to take over. Tea also makes for a perfect holiday season gift item. You find a lot of options for green tea or black tea online, so you reduce that one trip to supermarkets.

2. Might Keep Fat at Bay:

The winter invariably comes with food cravings – the fatty, greasy and high carb foods. It may be due to lower temperatures, calling for our bodies to keep itself warm by working harder on its metabolism. This tussle, in most cases leads to weight gain. In addition, winter brings festivities, travelling, traditions of cooking delicacies and feel good vibes. Everyone let go of their diets. Comes to rescue – tea! Pick green or black tea. Be sure it will help you decrease food cravings, increase metabolism, better your digestion & and helps break down that perpetual fatty meal.

3. Can Say Goodbye to Winter Blues:

With sunlight coming in late and days getting shorter, a slight dullness may creep into our lives during the winter times. The caffeine content in tea helps you keep winter dullness at bay. The sloth in you will be thankful to a cabinet filled with variety of green and black teas – for it wakes you up and picks you up instantly.

4. Can Improve Your Digestion:

The winters makes us eat more than we need to. Engage in this indulgence with friends and family as long as you get a chance to break it down. Support a good digestion with a cup of green tea post dinner. Stock it up so you don’t get bored. Buy green and black tea online.

5. Might Socialise:

Conversations take a notch up in quality when there is tea involved. Be it with an old friend, a date or with your spouse. Tea brings people together. All the more needed in a season which otherwise lacks warmth and many times can make you feel lonely. Brew a cup for your house help or your watchman and see them smile, for who wouldn’t love a warm cup during cold season?

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