Wake up to Winter Mornings with Black Teas by TE-A-ME

An aromatic preparation, that gives you a quick pick me up in the morning, what comes to mind other than the sweet old Black Tea? Black Tea is a popular preparation over the world, preferred as morning beverage and is made using Camellia Sinensis leaves. These leaves are oxidised for longer periods, leading to a darker leaf colour and a stronger brew. Black Tea’s taste is often described as highly brisk and astringent – perfect for those who like it strong. It is a tea that goes well with milk, honey or sugar. With its increasing popularity and flavour variety, it is now easy to get your hands on a good deal of black tea online – in terms of variety as well as price, packaging and form. Here are some of TE-A-ME’s fine picks:

1. Assam Black Tea:

TE-A-ME’s fine Assam Tea extrude a lovely amber liquor that is strong and has exotic flavour profile. Assam tea is a spectacular pick that will keep you warm in winter months. This variety is known to maintain your body warmth by slightly increasing your natural metabolism. Assam black tea bags will ease up your mornings and keep you from hassles of brewing loose leaf. TE-A-ME’s Assam black tea is known for its tart, malty flavour, vigorous body and bright colour – you are sure to get hooked onto this season!

2. Earl Grey:

Let winter mornings start with inspiring your taste buds with this fruity, light, aromatic cup of Earl Grey tea – a fine black tea, perfectly balanced with the exotic citrus flavour of Bergamot fruit.
Although Earl Grey tea makes for an intrinsic part of traditional English afternoon tea-time, your mornings with this black tea can become just as fresh & delightful as the scented meadows. Earl Grey tea health benefits are derived out of its black tea contents that include better concentration, improved digestion & its known to toughen your teeth!

3. Darjeeling Tea:

Darjeeling black tea’s magical aroma, colour & taste is sure to make your mornings brighter. TE-A-ME brings you this brew that is much sought after by tea connoisseurs & tea lovers over the world. Darjeeling black tea serves an undeniably magnificent flavour and rightly known as Champagne of Teas. The taste of the cup that is produced by the location & geography of Darjeeling hills cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. Now that’s one glorious winter morning for you – the Queen size!

4. Lemon Black Tea:

Black tea with lemon is a perfect winter morning immunity booster. Few drops of lemon in the warm cup may keep infections at bay and kick start your mornings with a citrusy zing. Try TE-A-ME Lemon Black tea – you are sure to love the dark cup with the lemony twist!

5. Masala Black Tea:

When the cold countries had their eyes on Indian spices, we knew precisely what significance these heritage ingredients play in culture & cuisines – the ones we long take for granted to be always present in every Indian kitchen. Perfect ingredients for a warm beverage in cold months – the cloves, pepper pods, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and more! Pick a masala black tea for a healthy, immunity infused, warm beverage for winter mornings and get an instant aha pick me up, especially on those winter mornings when you force yourself out of the warm bed.

6. English Breakfast:

Start your winter mornings the English way! English Breakfast is the quintessential English brew, just how they like after or during their breakfast time. It is a robust malty cup that will wake you up instantly. TE-A-ME brings you this scrumptious cup to pump a fresh vigor into your otherwise dull mornings. Don’t be surprised if you get hooked onto this one!

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