For the Love of Kadha aka Immunity Booster Tea

Kadha aka Immunity Booster Tea

The pandemic has got us hooked on to kadhas & Immunity Booster Teas but the immunity boosting ingredients that it has popularised have always found their perpetual presence in Indian kitchens and in the tea cups. Down with cough and cold? Turmeric tea is a go to preparation. Down with flu? Boil away tulsi leaves with cloves and pepper. A heavy day? Perk it up with adrak wali chai. Stomach is upset? Black tea with lemon. Just the whiff of these ingredients can instantly lighten up a heavy head and make for a good stress busting concoction.

The standard ingredients used in Immunity Boosting Kadhas come with their own set of benefits:

Tulsi: : May promote long life and is taken as an elixir to promote balance and resilience to all of life’s stress and challenges.

Ginger: Improves digestion, may increase absorption of food and relieve bloating after a heavy meal. The root may have anti-inflammatory properties.

Cinnamon: Rich in anti oxidants, may stabilise blood sugar, support heart health and promote weight loss.

Cardamom: May Relieve stomach ailments like indigestion, gas and constipation. Helps body combat symptoms of cold and cough.

Orange Peel: High in vitamin C and known for its anti-obesity properties, orange peel makes for a perfect weight loss companion.

Turmeric: Has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which may help ease inflammation, support heart health and fight symptoms of ageing.

Black Pepper: An ayurvedic fix against free radicals, may help increase blood circulation, promote weight loss and balance the body’s water content.

Clove: This uniquely scented spice may help regulate hunger levels and is loaded with antibacterial properties.

Benefits of regularly drinking Immunity Booster Kadha:

A general permutation and combination of all the said ingredients make a decent tea that may help in immunity boosting. Tulsi works as excellent in boosting the immunity and therefore highly beneficial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Turmeric is powerful anti inflammatory. Immunity Booster Teas may also help build stamina, reduce stress and may improve digestion and metabolism.

Boosts Immunity: The all revered Tulsi is known to support immunity functions of the body. Ginger and turmeric also adds to smoothening the bodily functions of fighting external infections.

Detox Tea: Turmeric is used in the famous “golden tea”, is loaded with antioxidants namely, curcumin. It is known to neutralise free radicals that is known to age our bodies and weaken processes.

Fights Congestion: The warmth of spices like cloves, pepper or turmeric is known to ease out respiratory issues. So a stifled nose or chest congestion may be relieved and regular consumption of Wellness Teas might even keep congestions of upper respiratory systems at bay.

Aid Digestion: Making immunity boosting tea a regular part of your healthy lifestyle has an added advantage of improved digestion. A good gut is a precursor to greater immunity, better absorption of nutrients and overall wellness.

Fat Loss: Immunity teas or wellness teas impart warmth, both temperature wise as well as property wise. This warmth in your body can enhance metabolic rate and may help break down fat faster.

A cup full of Wellness Tea brims with aroma of spices that can be paired with sweetness & anti bacterial properties of honey. The mix of spices is always so special and can give your cup a certain heat and zest with a mild woody flavour. Pick up an immunity booster tea online and try it for starters. Buying multiple flavours of wellness tea bags will ease the process even more and you can integrate these wellness teas into your daily life more smoothly!

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