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Charge with Ginger Tulsi Honey Infusion

Might help you in cold & Cough. Burn toxins and relieve morning sickness.

Caffeine Content : Nil

Best Consumed: Hot

25 Staple Free Tea Bags in Individually Wrapped in Envelopes

Shipment with 24-48 Hours. Delivery within 3-4 days


About Products

About Products

Charge up with tulsi ginger honey Infusion. Charge up with this healing concoction of invigorating ginger, therapeutic tulsi and soothing honey. An all-purpose remedy passed down from generations, TE-A-ME tulsi Infusion with ginger honey can be enjoyed as a drink to boost immunity or simply as an instant pick-me-up, any time of the day!

TE-A-ME’s Ginger Tulsi Honey is an exceptional herbal infusion featuring the bright flavours of tulsi and ginger with honey flavour for added sweetness. Free of caffeine, infusions like ginger tulsi tea benefits digestion, offering a calming cup of comfort and warmth at any time of day or night. Try TE-A-ME Ginger Tulsi Honey Wellness Infusion.

Smooth and flavourful, TE-A-ME Ginger Tulsi Honey may be one of most soothing caffeine free blends you could try. With the natural sweetness of honey flavour further sweetening is not necessary for most people. Ginger and tulsi are ancient legacy ingredients often combined to brew elixirs for their possible health benefits and probable anti-inflammatory properties. Considered holistic and revered daily by the aged generation, many tout the benefits of tulsi and hence, tulsi tea, for its healthful antioxidants. Antioxidants work by eliminating free radicals in the body, and consuming antioxidant-rich ingredients like tulsi herb regularly is believed to lower the risk of developing many lifestyle related diseases.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits
  1. Tulsi (Holy Basil) is revered for over 5000 years as the "Mother Medicine of Nature". Plenty of research confirms the herb’s unmatched healing properties, thanks to its phytonutrients and antioxidants that may aid immunity, enhance metabolism and help in overall good health.
  2. Thus, most tulsi ginger tea benefits may be derived from this one primary ingredient. TE-A-ME Ginger Tulsi Honey is made from the choicest ingredients that are 100% natural and plucked from select and among the finest estates.
  3. Tulsi works excellently in boosting the immunity and therefore highly beneficial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Traditionally, many Asian societies have used ginger honey tea for cough, while it is also lauded for its ability to soothe the stomach and throat.
  4. This wellness infusion may also relieve symptoms of cold and cough, joint pains, support healthy ageing, may activate body's fire element, burn toxins and relieve morning sickness. And thus - this infusion makes for a perfect gift for all the elders of your family!
  5. The infusion may help build stamina, reduces stress, support the immune system, and may improve digestion and metabolism. Many have seconded the benefits of tulsi ginger tea for weight loss. Try TE-A-ME Ginger Tulsi Honey infusion, order online and get it delivered at your doorsteps.


  • Place bag in a cup
  • Pour water that is heated up to 100 °C 
  • Steep for 1-3 minutes for mild brew and 3-5 minutes for strong brew. 
  • Best served hot or chilled without milk 
  • Sweeten with sugar or honey if preferred 






A finer take on your usual ginger honey tea, TE-A-ME Ginger Tulsi Honey Infusion is bursting with flavours of among the fine Tulsi with the zest of Ginger and sweetness of Honey. This infusion makes for an incredible cup of sunshine yellow that instantly lightens up the mood and makes for a good stress busting combination.

We are passionate about every little detail of infusion and infusion processing, right from the Gardens to your Cups. A delicious way to well being, TE-A-ME Wellness Infusion brings you a range of infusions and infusions to suite your mood, your taste and your palette.

Ingredient Details

Ingredient Details
  • Tulsi (82%)
  • Natural Honey Flavour (9%)
  • Natural Ginger Flavour (9%)

Technical Information

Technical Information and Nutritional Information

Manufacturer/packer address

Marketed & Manufactured by: Madhu Jayanti International Ltd., Village - Salap, P.S. Domjur, Howrah, West Bengal 711409.

Generic name of commodity : Infusion Bags

Consumer Grievances : 1800 300 22151 or

Brand : TE-A-ME

Net Quantity : 25 Bags

Net Weight : 1.6 g x 25 Bags = 40 g

Item Package Quantity : 1 Pack containing 25 Enveloped Bags

Ingredient Type : Vegetarian

Form : Enveloped Infusion Bags  Staple Free

Certifications : FSSAI

Storage Instructions : Store in Cool, Dry, Hygienic, Airtight container after opening.

Best Before / Expiry : 24 months from Packaging

Barcode / GTIN / QR : (Please Refer Image for more details)

Origin : INDIA

Nutritional Information

Energy (kcal) : 79.86

Protein (g) : 15.98

Carbohydrate (g) : 2.01

Fat: 0.76

FSSAI Number : 10012031000066



Ginger is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds that have powerful benefits for your body and brain.


Promotes long life and is taken as an elixir to promote balance and resilience to all of life’s stress and challenges.


Honey heals wounds, digestive issue and sore throat.

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Deepti Sharma
Healthy soothing tea



Meera Thomas
Good brand like TE-A -ME

This product is good brand like TE-A-ME. It has good flavour and aroma. Must go buy it.

Chanchal Dutta

Nice product

Ashwagandha healthy green tea. I use this tea in morning. Smell good. Excellent value for money Give it 4 ?

Amazing herbal Collection

Te-A-Me has come up with a wide range of teas ranging from classsic green teas, ice brewed teas, fruity infusions and alot more. I thought of giving it a try and surely don't regret my decision. Tried their Ginger Tulsi Honey & Mint Lemon Ginger teas. Truly healing concoctions with the goodness of herbs, mild fragrance of medicinal Tulsi & Mint gave it a soothing aroma. Natural sweetness of honey fused up with ginger was quite good. While lemony minty ginger tea too was worth it. Overall I really loved their products and definitely looking forward to try the other variants.

Sabrina Beg
Great tea

I like this tea. For this flavor. Good smell. Value for money. Easy to make. Get 5 ? nice overall

Mahesh Babu
Quality product

Tea quality is value for money I happy to use. Best quality product I appreciate this product.Thank You so much for this genuine product and I will be happy for this product.

Shyam Dubey
Fine tea bags

Very fine ashwagandha green tea, it helps me in keep my boy nourish and weight management. smell is great

Avilipsa Mohapatra

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