Perk up your Dull Office Hours with Magic of Iced Tea

TE-A-ME Ice Brews can be your best go-to refreshment during dull office hours. TE-A-ME Ice Brews are tea bags that can be brewed in cold water to bring you delicious tasting iced tea in minutes! They come in individually wrapped sachets that are easy to carry. Just toss a few in your office bag, leave some in your car and some in your desk drawer. TE-A-ME Ice brew is also available with a sipper – if you can’t seem to take a break, you can sip on iced tea on your desk without having to worry about spilling it all over. TE-A-ME Ice Brew comes in variety of flavors. Some with green tea, some with black and others caffeine free. Pick yours:

1. TE-A-ME Lychee Ice Brew: Lychee ice brew is sweet, delicious caffeine free ice brew by TE-A-ME that is an instant pick me up. It comes with freshness of natural ingredients like rose petals, marigold, rosehip, hibiscus, apple peels. With natural flavor and sweetness of lychees, its like a mini vacation in your glass!

2. TE-A-ME Lemon Ice Brew: It goes without saying, how refreshing and uplifting the zing of lemons in icy cold drinks can be. With goodness of natural ingredients, lemon peels and black tea – this brew makes for a revitalizing and energizing drink. If you are down in the afternoon and you still got the next half of office hours, grab a lemon ice brew by TE-A-ME and feel the difference.

3. TE-A-ME Wild Brew Ice Brew: Fruit infusions have a very niche fan following. The tart taste of berries with sweetness of flowers in a bright pink infusion in icy cold water is an experience in itself. This drink is sure to perk up your time on your desk. If you are trying to increase your water intake, you may try adding a couple of tea bags to your water bottle. Since TE-A-ME Wild Berry is a caffeine free ice brew, you have a delicious tasting and lovely looking water on your desk that you can sip all day long!

4. TE-A-ME Peach Ice Brew: Make your office lunch break like a visit to a fancy cafe! No kidding! TE-A-ME Peach ice brew makes for that perfectly well balanced, not too sweet not too bitter iced tea that you can brew in minutes! Black tea in peach ice brew is sure to revitalize that lost energy and will melt away that post lunch drowsiness! What a big delight in a rather small packet!

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