Different Green Tea, Different Timings and Impact

Green tea is a superb source of natural anti-oxidants and other active compounds with serious health benefits. The best part is that these compounds are highly bioavailable. That means when you drink green tea your body can absorb all the goodness effectively and efficiently and retain. So, make your regular cups of green tea an integral part of diet.

How will it be if naturally potent green tea is enriched with variety of herbal goodness? Yes. Let us see what are the varieties naturally enriched green teas; their benefits and suitable timings.

Mint green tea

Mint or menthe leaves are aromatic and have culinary and medicinal usage worldwide. Mint leaves offer specific health benefits like;

  • Improve appetite & helps in digestions
  • Relieve nausea and common headache
  • Aid breastfeeding mothers
  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • Prevent allergies and inflammations
  • Work as natural oral germicide
  • Prevent respiratory disorder

With naturally blended mint green tea, you can have the best of both the ingredients – mint and green tea. Mint green tea is particularly popular in Indian subcontinent and Middle Eastern countries, like, Morocco. You can have this variety as many times as you want in a day.

Time of the day – mint tea with its refreshing aroma will be great to have after a busy day’s work or in the middle of hustle and bustle of work hours.

Jasmine green tea

Jasmine is a well-known flowering plant and the tea is made from jasmine blossoms. Naturally, green tea is used as base for jasmine tea. The practice of drinking jasmine tea was first observed in China; later it was introduced to India and other parts of the world. Jasmine green tea offers health benefits; like,

  • Inhibit LDL-Oxidation; reduce bad cholesterol
  • Improve glucose metabolism; control diabetes
  • Catechins in jasmine tea prevent gastrointestinal problems
  • Eliminate effects of E. coli to certain extent
  • Inhibit unwanted oxygenation in cells; reduce inflammation

Along with all these natural benefits, Jasmine green tea is also the best choice for filling your senses with it rich and refreshing aroma. Have a cup and boost up your saggy mood.

Time of the day – it is a morning and evening tea; though no one said you cannot have it in the afternoon or by midday.

Kashmiri Kahwa tea

Kahwa tea is a common traditional drink in Afghanistan, northern Pakistan, Punjab, Kashmir valley and in some parts of Malabar region. This variety of tea is mostly taken after heavy food like, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It uses green tea as base along with rich spices like, cinnamon, cardamom and saffron. Together they are boiled with green tea to prepare Kahwa tea. Some of the unique benefits are;

  • Better digestion due to improved metabolism
  • Burns fat boosting metabolism
  • Reduce cholesterol level in blood
  • Relieve throat and chest congestion

Kashmiri Kahwa tea is generally taken without milk. But for elderly and sick, you can add milk. Its spicy aroma is value addition to all the healthy goodness.

Time of the day – evidently the best time to have this variety is after a sumptuous meal for its digestive quality.

Honey lemon green tea

Individually honey, lemon and green tea are full of goodness. When taken together as tea you can expect only the bests. Some of the health benefits of honey lemon tea are;

  • Help cleansing bowel and in digestion
  • Honey-lemon is alkaline; burns fat
  • Lower cholesterol in blood
  • Relieve throat congestion

Time of the day – it’s an all-day green tea variety. For its instant energy boosting quality you can also have this tea after physical strenuous work. Green tea alone is also a very rich source of anti-oxidants and various polyphenols. It is good for your skin, immunity, heart and metabolism.

How to prepare different varieties of green tea?

It is important to maintain natural blend while preparing these teas. You can prepare them at home by arranging the all the ingredients. However, that can consume lot of your time and efforts.

TE-A-ME Teas offers naturally blended green tea varieties in different packs and options along with loose green tea leaves. Tea bags are particularly best choice if you want to avoid hassles and have your regular cups.