5 Health Benefits of Green Tea With Lemon

Green Tea is filled with healthful goodness. Multiple studies have shown its potency in supporting smooth bodily functioning. According to a study conducted in 2019, green tea may encourage growth of good bacteria, thus help enhanced digestion and keep tendency of obesity away. Green Tea’s catechins and flavonoids may provide antioxidants and anti inflammatory support to our bodies – processes that may stave off visible signs of ageing.

As if all these benefits were not enough, it turns out a few drops of lemon juice into your green tea can enhance and bring out its anti oxidants! Study conducted in this regard is published in Journal of Food Processing and Technology (November 2014) says citrus juice brings out green tea’s antioxidants rendering them more readily available for absorption by the body. Here are some probable green tea with lemon benefits:

  1. Lemon juice in green tea may increase number of catechins the body can absorb from green tea. Catechins, which prefer the acid environment of the stomach, become degraded in more alkaline conditions of the small and large intestine, where nutrient absorption takes place.
  2. Lemon has benefits of its own. Drinking green tea with lemon may improve your digestive health. This in turn can affect over all energy levels, improve nutrient absorption by the body and smoothen general bodily functioning.
  3. The Vitamin C in lemon can help body regulate inflammation and even strengthen immunity, staving off cold and flu.
  4. A study published in June 2018 also suggests green tea may help maintain good cholesterol in body. The lemon juice that you add to green tea is known to decrease bad cholesterol. What a combo!
  5. The minerals in green tea and lemon beverage combination may help you with a radiant skin, reduced wrinkles and improve health of hair follicles.

Green Tea’s caffeine content and the zing of lemon juice will kick start your day into a healthy, vital, alert & productive one. You can get this Honey Lemon Green tea online


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