4 Reasons Why You Should Use Tea Tins

TE-A-ME launched tea tins and it has just made life easier for loose leaf tea lovers. Brightly coloured and well designed, these tea tins, that you can easily find online, will help you out in many different ways:

1. Keeps your Tea Fresh, Longer!

One of most primary reason tea tins are designed is to keep the loose leaf tea fresh. Humidity and sunlight are two elements that will deteriorate the quality of your tea, very quickly. TE-A-ME tea tins are made of right material and a tight lid that will not let humid air enter the container. Or let the aroma of tea escape. However, it is best to use your tea quickly and avoid storing it beyond 4 months, for tea leaves are delicate and it is in their nature to loose aroma and crispiness.

2. Ease of Storage

You know how you store one food item next to another and one absorbs the stronger smelling food item by default? Well with TE-A-ME Tea Tins, you need not worry about that. You also need not store your tea in a jar with other teas, spices or condiments. Every flavour got a tin of its own with a clear label and a unique colour. It not only helps your tea from absorbing flavours of other substances but also eases much of your hassle in figuring out which tea is where! Yea, TE-A-ME loves the attention to details.

3. Looks Pretty

When we speak of a gourmet experience, its aesthetics, aesthetics & aesthetics! TE-A-ME Tea Tins add impeccable aesthetics to your kitchen and your tea brewing experience. From their design to their colour, and utility. You can sure reuse it once your tea is finished. They are rightly sized and light weight. Buy your tea tins online, today!

4. With all the Necessary Features

When we go about searching for containers to store tea, it’s a detailed checklist. We are looking for a fairly tight jar. It must have a large opening so as to fit in a spoon or a scoop, and we are able to draw out right amount of tea leaves, without damaging the precious tea leaves rubbing onto the sides of the jar. Next, we need it to be opaque. Glass jars don’t work too well in this case. The tea container also cannot be too large, as the extra air in it may again dampen the crisp tea leaves.

So here we are with just the right tea containers with TE-A-ME Tea Tins that you can buy online without any hassles. We hope you enjoy brewing your tea as much as the tea.

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