6 Best Times to Drink Green Tea

Tea fanatics do not wait for a reason, an appropriate time or space for grabbing a cup. But if you are looking to optimise the benefits of a lovely aromatic cup, we are here with some of our suggestions. Keeping the properties as well as benefits of natural green tea in mind, we can then understand the best times to consume it.

Green Tea is made from minimally processing tender leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant. These are known to be a rich source of antioxidants and amino acids. They also make for a good source of caffeine, that does not give you the jitters. Antioxidants like catechins are confined to green tea. The tea also makes for a perfect fat loss companion.

Green tea is also known to have anti inflammatory & anti-oxidative properties. It is linked to regulation of cholesterol thereby supporting heart health. Although the curative properties required far more targeted research. However, if you want to accrue any benefits, drinking natural green tea regularly over a longer period of time will give results. So what is the best time to drink green tea?

i) Kick Start your Morning:

Natural Green Tea is a groggy morning’s best friend and the nicest relief for hangovers. In addition, morning is also the best time to drink green tea as green tea has good amount of caffeine that will pump you up for the day. One may reconsider drinking a cup post 6 pm in the evening as it may disturb your sleep cycle. But morning energy boost is on its peak with green teas like Sencha, Mint Ginger Green Tea or plain simple Green Tea.

ii) Pre Work Out:

Trying green tea for weight loss? Get an energy boost just before your work out. Or on days that needs an extra push to get you going for that run. If you simply ice it, you can also carry it along as hydration during your work outs. You can try cold brew green teas for this purpose.

iii) How to Pair Green Tea with Meal Timings

Green tea can be consumed on empty stomach. It gives you a feeling of satiation and you may end up eating lesser. However, one may experience problems of stomach acid formation. Hence, many reports suggest drinking green tea on empty stomach to be not recommended. There comes the right pairing. A tart lemony flavour of green tea like lemon green tea or sencha goes well with sweet foods like cakes, muffins and loafs. While a sweetish Jasmine green tea will go well with typically salty asian preparations. The Japanese drink their tea with their meals and after too. You can experiment away. In addition, green tea makes for a perfect post heavy meal beverage and will help you in digestion. It is however recommended that you avoid green tea after dinner as its caffeine content may mess with your sleep cycle.

iv) Green Tea, Best Time to Boost Metabolism

Answer is simple – during the times when you feel the lowest of your energy. That’s right. Body’s natural metabolism decreases as we go on with the day. And by the time we hit the 4 pm slump, you may literally feel the blood in your veins moving slower. Sounds familiar? Pick up a green tea through Online and get your body’s engine pumped up. Better metabolism will help you break down that afternoon’s heavy meal and enhance the digestion.

v) Green Tea Timings for Glowing Skin

Green tea is known to give you fresh looking hydrated skin. It helps throw out toxins from the body which in turn may give glowing skin. The catechins and antioxidants in green tea may help reduce oxidative distress in the body. Many double up the used green tea tea bags, refrigerate them and place it on their eyes. Others suggest taking steam from green tea infused water. All in all, green tea may help your skin anytime and all the time!

vi) Green Tea, for the Time when you want Your Brain to Function Optimally

Have a presentation? Got exam? Have long hours of drive? Long zoom meeting? Online class? Grab a green tea. It will not only keep you alert but also give you a pump up without giving you the caffeine jitters. Also, don’t forget to use the wash room right before. Green tea may sometimes have a diuretic effect.


Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is NOT for diagnosing or treating any illness. Nor does it intent to replace a medical opinion. We hope you won’t self-treat any diseases by drinking large quantities of teas, and also avoid the same if you are are pregnant or lactating. Its best for children and people with caffeine sensitivity to avoid green tea due to its caffeine content. Every person is different and it’s impossible to make a general statement about the benefits or side-effects of natural substances.

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