Warm up with These 5 Winter Special Delights

Black teas

On a chilly winter’s day, there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch, wrapped in a quilt, with a good book, a furry pet—and a steaming cup of aromatic tea. Warming up your hands as well as your tummy, a good tea makes for a perfect way to beat the cold during this season and contains all kinds of great health benefits that can help you get through the winter feeling good.

Very few moments are as satisfying as taking a sip of steaming tea on a chilly winter morning. Company or no company- warm mugs of tea are our constant companions during this time of year. Adding fragrant spices like cloves, ginger and cinnamon makes the beverage experience even finer. Many tea brands take a note from these time-tested routines and embrace them in creating blends just to suite these needs. So brew a cup that can be simply put together and get lost in the relaxation that you can only find in a sip of tea.

What are Some of the Things a Hot Cup of Tea can do for you in Winter?

1. Beat the Winter Blues: The gloomy weather and the grey skies this season can bring about a dip in your moods. To the rescue comes TEA! Release of substances like dopamine and serotonin after consuming the magic beverage will help you beat the bloom. Try it!

2. No more Winter Fat: Its cold, we get it. The bed is too warm to leave, we understand. Don’t feel like moving a muscle, let alone exercise, we get that too. Boost your metabolism and burn down that fat, sitting right in your bed with a cup of deliciousness. Can’t believe it right? A daily cup of tea can boost our metabolic rate and promote fat burning process thanks to tea’s heat inducing properties. Regularly consuming tea during winters will aid digestion, absorb that fattening winter food, even combat fluid retention and decrease bloating!

3. Boost the Immunity: Winter no doubt makes for the laziest season. But that’s not so for germs. Cold, flu, sore throat, congestion, fever hit our already decreased immunity. Tea makes for a delicious solution against the symptoms of all these ailments. It will soothe you, decongest you, relax your muscles and make you feel pampered! Kick back your immunity in order with a cup of goodness called tea!

4. Soothe Aches and Pains: One of the lesser-known benefits of tea includes its ability to ease body pain that occurs typically during winters. Tea relaxes muscles and helps ease stress on the body. To keep the body hydrated during these winter-induced cramps, caffeine free infusions available in the market are best recommended.

5. Goodbye Winter Sluggishness: With sun setting early and nights getting longer, we end up invariably sleeping more. With less sunlight exposed to our bodies, the lethargy gets all the more high. Enter – Tea! This super food will beat the dull mood and pump up your energy levels.

Which teas are the best picks for winter?

Honey Lemon Green Tea

1. Honey Lemon Green Tea: Green Tea in combination with Honey and Lemon will have multiple health benefits. The antioxidant property and high concentration of nutrients in this combo, along with its warmth, may serve as an effective home remedy for common winter ailments like colds and sore throats.

Tulsi Green Tea

2. Tulsi Green Tea: A daily cup of Tulsi Green Tea during winters will make you feel relaxed and relieve your bodily stress, at the same time keep you alert and active. Tulsi Green Tea, due to its Tulsi content may cleanse body from within and negate the effect of all those bacteria and viruses that our bodies are exposed to during winters.

Mint Lemon Ginger

3. Mint Lemon Ginger: While ginger may boast of a range of benefits like soothing ailing muscles, aiding digestion and assimilation, mint may act as a blood purifier and lemon may help boost immunity – Mint Lemon Ginger Green Tea Green Tea may be your first step towards a disease free winter. The mint flavor in the infusion may promote fresh breath and good health of your teeth. The tea may also fight some bacterial and viral infections pertinent in winter season.

Ginger Tulsi Honey

4. Ginger Tulsi Honey: Both Tulsi and ginger may work excellent in boosting the immunity and therefore highly beneficial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle during winter. Ginger Tulsi Honey infusion may relieve cold and cough, joint pains, support healthy ageing, may activate body’s fire element, burn toxins and relieve morning sickness. And thus – this infusion makes for a perfect winter season’s gift for all the elders of your family!

Black Teas

5. Black Tea: You may be able to beat symptoms of seasons’s flu and common colds by drinking a warm cup of black tea. Black tea contains Theanine, an amino acid that may strengthen the immune system by inhibiting negative effects of a stress hormone called cortisol. Sick or well, hit a dash of lemon for winter is the perfect season to enjoy the robustness of this variety! You can purchase those black teas online.

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