Secure your Online Shopping Experience Amidst COVID Pandemic

Order Online from Home

Amidst the pandemic, the onus is on we the people to flatten the curve and stay safe. It is a norm to be stepping out for essentials only. For the rest – Ordering online is the next best option. Many of us have safety apprehensions about online shopping and the concern is valid.

Order Online from Home

Here are few tips from our end that will secure your online purchase experience:

1. Look for trust indicators on a website:

To start with, check if the brand you’re using is legitimate. One can simply hit the search engine to confirm the same. When you visit the website, look if your browser authorizes the website. Re assess if it gives you a warning. Different browsers will indicate authorized sites differently. Consumers can “look for the lock”. One may avoid sites that fail to use encryption for transmitting data, commonly known as TLS/SSL encryption.

2. Keep your software up to date:

Outdated software can be prone to cyber crimes and cyber attacks. Make sure your browser is updated regularly, on any device that you use for online shopping. Do not install suspicious software.

3. Don’t fall for fraudulent deals:

Treat deals in your mailbox with suspicion. Beware of those deals, which seem too good to be true. During the pandemic, it is important to be careful of those mails with “COVID-19” related topics. Avoid subscribing to ads.

4. Protect your data:

Be careful of using any freely available Wifi connections. Use strong passwords for approving monetary transaction and don’t give out more information than you need to. If apprehensive, you may use the guest checkout option instead of creating an account to protect personal information. Avoid transactions that cannot be accounted for, e.g. sending money to random paytm linked phone numbers.

5. Use common sense:

A best tip for secure online purchases is to be alert and aware. Look for clear terms and conditions or a return policy. Read reviews. Search for social media presence and enough following. Look for clear contact information, in case you need to get in touch with the company. Be ready to act if your order doesn’t arrive and sense foul play.

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