Explore the Taste of 4 Teas in 1 Pack

Green Tea is an all time favourite beverage – for weight watchers, caffeine sippers, readers, tea lovers, connoisseurs, the late nighters, all alike ! But let’s face it, it does get a little boring at times. Want to perk up the green tea experience a bit? Pick yourself a 4-in-1 pack by TE-A-ME. It comes with 4 different flavours of green tea, you are sure to love it.

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Recipe and Benefits of Kadha Green Tea

What is Kadha Green Tea

Kadha is a traditional potion or a concoction of herbs & spices. Post Pandemic, Kadha is the new normal in every household. While varieties of recipes have emerged with multitudes of ingredients, an upgrade to the same old Kadha is the Kadha Green Tea! So your daily sip of green tea is now also an amazing immunity booster & a detox – with TE-A-ME Kadha Green Tea. Kadha helps in detox, cleansing & revitalisation of body. The zesty scents of spices and grassy notes of ancient herbs is an instant uplift when it comes to this potion.

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Is Iced Tea is Good for Kids?

Tea as Adults

A cup of tea has become an essential part in an adult’s life. Break time? A cup of tea. Long day? A strong cup of tea. Catching up with an old friend? A light cup of tea. “Tea” comes from camelia sinensis plant. Tea is a good source of natural caffeine. Consumed in many forms like hot, cold brewed, iced tea and even food preparations. If tea is such an essential part of adult lives, could it be a part of children’s lives too? With increasing popularity of cold drinks and soda among younger generation, adults often have this question, is iced tea good for kids?

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4 Teas for Weight Loss and Glowing Skin

Green and Black Tea High in Caffeine

Tea is a potent natural ingredient and offer a plethora of benefits for its consumer. With its anti inflammatory and anti oxidative properties, green teas and many herbal infusions can make for perfect beauty potions. Why? Well, tea helps you lose weight and brighten up dull looking skin through hydration. Green tea benefits are derives from its catechins, that may repair skin and keep it looking young. Here are 5 suggestions from our end that you can explore and experiment for a gorgeous “you”:

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