5 Best Variants of Teame Black Teas

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Black tea is one of the popular & celebrated teas in the world. It is made by roasting Camellia Sinensis leaves. The leaves are oxidised for longer period of time, making a darker leaf and cup. Its taste could be described as strong, brisk and astringent – the much loved in India. It is a tea that goes well with milk, honey or sugar, in addition to ginger spice & cardamom. The tea is blended in many permutations. Here are some popular varieties:

black tea online
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Facts & Health Benefits of 4 Signature Black Tea Variants

Black Teas

Black teas

Black tea is possibly the best calorie free beverage for your regular dose of caffeine and boosting up your heart. You can have it warm or cold. It is the most popular variety of tea made from the budding leaves of Camellia sinensis anywhere in the world. Compared to other varieties like, green, oolong, white teas, black tea is highly oxidised. That helps it to retain flavour for a long time. We shall discuss best 4 black tea varieties and a few of their health benefits here.

Lemon tea

Lemon tea is a big positive in terms of nutritional value. Lemon is rich source of vital micro-nutrient Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid in lemon helps our body to fight free radicals and develop immunity. Our body cannot store Vitamin C; we need regular supplies every day. Unless you are hard brewing your lemon tea, your regular cup of lemon tea can be a good source of Vitamin C. Black tea naturally contains lots of anti-oxidants. Lemon elongates effects of these antioxidants. Theaflavins and other polyphenols in black lemon tea controls risk of Perkinson’s diseases and strengthen heart arteries. However, it is always advised to have lemon tea without milk for the best possible flavour and the benefits.

Earl grey tea

This variety of black tea is prepared blending extracts of bergamot. In case you don’t know, bergamot is a type of orange plant having strong aromatic qualities and herbal benefits. Earl grey tea is good for your teeth as it contains high level of catechins. Catechins stop oral infections. Fluoride in Earl grey tea helps to protect dental cavities.

Bergamot is also known to improve our immunity system and cure common fever. So, if you are suffering from cold, a cup of Earl Grey tea is just what you need.

Assam tea

Produced in Eastern part of India, Assam tea has strong tarty and malty flavour and often called Irish Breakfast tea. It is full of anti-oxidants. Vitamin B1 in Assam tea helps our body to metabolise carbohydrate efficiently for sudden energy requirements; also improve blood circulation in body. Polyphenols in Assam tea can be helpful in curing cancerous cells in our body; especially, in stomach, rectal, breast and colon.

Darjeeling tea

All over the world Darjeeling tea is famous for its flavour; often popularly called “Champagne of teas”. Other than the treat to your olfactory senses, Darjeeling tea is as beneficial as any other black tea. It is full of natural anti-oxidants; polyphenols and catechins. These active ingredients detoxify blood and activate digestive system. Soothing flavour of Darjeeling tea can have calming effect on nerves after a busy day’s work. In case you do not prefer strong bitterness of Assam black tea, then Darjeeling tea must be your choice.

You can enjoy all these black tea varieties at home, office or while on move. However, preparing these varieties using loose tea leaves can be lot of hassles. TE-A-ME Tea bags are best choice to avoid these hassles and enjoy tea at your leisure or in your busy schedule uninterrupted.

How Can a Cup of Tea Take Care of Your Health Besides Being Refreshing?

Lemon Black tea

Lemon Black tea

A cup of piping hot water with a few tea leaves in it, some sugar and a few drops of milk – doesn’t it sound refreshing like anything else in the world? And now if you replace a cup of piping hot water with a cup of iced water and remove milk (which makes the perfect recipe for iced tea), it sounds equally refreshing, right?

That’s the best part of tea. Whether served hot or cold, it never fails to refresh you with its wonderful soothing aroma, and as we all know, it’s not a matter of today rather a long history, spreading across multiple cultures over the span of thousands of years. And now this culture has become our obsession and more so, it has become a luxury experience with innovative blending and essence that gives a kickass boost to our body and mind.

Having said that, what reminds me is the array of flavoured tea available in the market, which I find much more refreshing and I am sure so you will.

Black lemon tea

Being a tea enthusiast, you can start your day with a cup of black lemon tea. It has an amazing aroma blended with the right amount of tangy flavour that makes my morning bright and healthy. Are you still stuck to the word healthy? Wait I will come to that. Black tea is a calorie free beverage that contains theaflavin antioxidants and thereby, helps to lower the risk of stroke and heart disease.  Lemon, on the other hand, being a source of antioxidant, increases the staying power of antioxidants in black tea. Hence, the blend of two offers enormous health benefits to the drinkers.

P.S. Drink black lemon tea without whipped cream and sugar to enjoy its original tangy taste and more health benefits.

Honey lemon tea

The tangy flavour of lemon and sweet taste of honey adds syrupy taste to the tea which is to die for.  Owing to antibacterial and natural antioxidant properties, it re-energizes your body and mind and also helps you to combat acute diseases. In fact, honey lemon tea is known for reducing the risk of skin cancer. The combination of both the ingredients (honey and lemon) acts as a body cleanser and removes toxins from the body and thereby, improves digestive system and cures skin disorders.

Green mint tea

Green mint tea is another great combination of green tea and mint leaves. This unique flavour of tea delivers an energizing blend of spearmint and peppermint leaves, balance with the natural flavour of green tea. Containing the right amount of dietary fiber, vitamin and mineral, a daily cup of green tea can boost your immunity and provide you with a lot of anti-oxidants.

So, now is the time to enjoy a cup of pipping hot flavoured tea and refresh your mind and body. Cheers!

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