5 Best Variants of Teame Black Teas

Black tea is one of the popular & celebrated teas in the world. It is made by roasting Camellia Sinensis leaves. The leaves are oxidised for longer period of time, making a darker leaf and cup. Its taste could be described as strong, brisk and astringent – the much loved in India. It is a tea that goes well with milk, honey or sugar, in addition to ginger spice & cardamom. The tea is blended in many permutations. Here are some popular varieties:

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Assam Black Tea

A classic black tea from the state of Assam, India – a real treat for your nose & palette. A strong, malty tea, Assam tea leaves are roasted and packed into tea bags – which are chosen from different tea plantations in the country of origin. The TE-A-ME’s Assam black tea bags when dipped into steaming hot water makes for a strong and dark tea infusion and has an earthy taste and a malty note. Its scent is heavy and pleasant. Assam Tea is named after the region of its production i.e. Assam, India.

Darjeeling Black Tea

Named after the area in which it is grown, Darjeeling, is nestled between the Himalayas and the Bay of Bengal – brings you a distinctive flavour just as its unique location. TE-A-ME’s Darjeeling black tea bags make for a much loved black tea blend with a strong, malty and aromatic flavour & a rich body.  It works really well with a drop or two of fresh lemon juice. A beverage that hits the senses with its edgy tones and full rounded delicate taste. Order TE-A-ME Darjeeling Black Tea bags online!

Earl Grey Black Tea

You found it! Here’s the bright & balanced, a lively, citrusy & freshening flavour that you have been looking for!! TE-A-ME Earl Grey comes with floral undertones on a full bodied black tea base. The flamboyance of Bergamot is sure to make you smile wide – it sure goes well with the dark coppery black tea. A true olfactory charm! One of the most popular black tea flavour – its almost hard to not love it. Earl Grey is a classic English tea time treat. The exotic London Fog Tea Latte is made by simply adding soy milk with a dash of vanilla flavour into Earl Grey Black Tea. Try it!

Lemon Black Tea

Bright, crisp & tart, TE-A-ME’s Lemon Black Tea offers the distinct sweet tart of summertime lemons. A deep colour of the cup and a good level of strength makes Lemon black tea a perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Or post work stress buster. Want to wind down during summertime? Just add ice! One is sure to love this full & fruity black tea. Order your lemon black tea online.

English Breakfast Black Tea

Wake up to a real refreshment with TE-A-ME’s special black tea blend of English Breakfast – a marvellously dark infusion with a malty spiciness – a perfect brew at your finger tips especially if you like your tea with a sweetener or milk. Wake up as you inhale deeply the aromatic magic of this blend – the liquor looks dark & pure, what’s not to love?

Let TE-A-ME Black Tea range take you on a magical taste journey – just at your fingertips with its well packaged, staple free tea bags. Order online, a wide range of your favourite black tea bags, today!

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